So I was driving to Mombasa and the scenery stunned me. The last time I was on that road, probably a couple years ago it was all brown. Not a leaf on the tree or grass on the ground just kilometre after kilometre of red soil, ploughed and waiting for rain. The strangest sight for me was the tall leafless baobab in the middle of a dry, red carpet. I had never seen such dryness in the years of going to the coast and I wondered if I would ever see something different.

This trip was wonderful on the eyes and the senses. It was green, green and more green all around. There is grass, crops, food, life, and colour. Even the usually pesky monkeys were nowhere along the road raiding or running across looking for food. They must have enough in their hood and are content to stay there. Additionally, we didn’t see any other wildlife which I interpreted to mean that they have enough to eat in the middle of their habitat far from human conflict. There was lots of fresh food on sale and even mangoes which I have never seen on the road….wow, it was stunning.

I had a great time looking at it and marvelling at the goodness and greatness of God. Is looked a lot like the Psalms where David talks about being led beside streams of cool waters. The cool waters represent refreshments and provision and I could see it in the land. It was all covered and filled with goodness and life and strength and reality.

I was reminded that the presence of God is like the rain that refreshes the land. If I stick close to Papa He guarantees my life will be by streams of water regardless of the situations around me. Wow…it blew my mind again and again because He loves me and will cause rain for me just to keep me fresh and well watered. Wow….Papa loves me so deeply that my life is more interesting to Him than it is to me. I must find time daily to connect with him and grow in Him to be more and more like him.

He restores my soul when I spend time with Him….I need your restoration daily.

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