As always, I stunned myself. I have been developing a database and there are contacts on one section that I have looked for all day and not found even with the help of insiders and the web. So imagine my shock when the reality occurred that just because one way worked to get the first set does not mean it will work again like clockwork for the second. Wololo…this second section was not to be sourced the same way as the first and I needed to find an alternative.

So it got me thinking…how does this apply elsewhere? Are there areas I am not getting the message?

Ok…I have thought for a while and I know that indeed there are areas of wrong emphasis in my life that need resolution. These are areas where I am not really sure how to handle or am too caught up with the past and what worked then that I do not know how to forge ahead. They could also be areas where I feel vulnerable hence I follow the crowd or the easy road out. It could also be because of whom I have opted to spend my time with. Mmmhhmm, there are just so many possibilities I never realised just how many.


So here I am working on finding a new way to get the info I need and I am reminded that I must remember to daily walk hand in hand with the Spirit of God and do things as he has said. I also remembered that I had not asked Him if the same mode of data collection would work or if it was how He would provide it. Wow!

 Moral of the story?

Constant communion with God is paramount. He is there 24/7 and will always speak. However, the question really is…am I tuned in properly or am I only half listening amid the clutter and clatter of life? …MMMHHMMMM

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