Amazed & Freed

These days music seems to be the greatest way for me to understand the goodness of God and express it too. I have found profound value in listening to Sinach and William McDowell. At times I wonder what they were going through when they wrote arranged and first presented these songs. I often wonder what each song really means to the writers, producers and ministers. You cannot be left the same when exposed to the depth of the songs and the clarity of expression…yawa…I stand in amazement and wonderment.

For a couple of posts I will look at different songs and just the thoughts they stir within me and the challenge the pose to me.


I stand amazed: Sinach 


I stand amazed in your presence, There is nothing you cannot do

I stand amazed in your presence, There is joy peace and hope


There’s no one like you, Jesus. There’s no one like you, in all the earth

There’s no one like You, Jesus, There’s no one like you


You do mighty things, You do glorious things

You’re a faithful God, Awesome is your name


I wonder what was going on in the heart of the songwriter when this song was written…was it the aftermath of a great loss? A miracle? Great success or just the realisation that in spite of and despite the things happening in life, God doesn’t change at all. It is a miracle. It brings things to mind that I never really thought about in the past. I understand in part the sense David had that Papa is bigger, stronger and greater than anything or anyone else. There is a very simple declaration “there is no one like You in all the earth.” I asked myself many questions:

1. Do I really believe that there indeed is no one like Jesus?

2. If I do believe the above then how has it changed my life?

3. Am I the best representation of Papa that I can be or do people wonder what kind of God is He if I am His child?

4. Do I believe He is Mighty, Faithful, Glorious, Awesome? How has this affected my belief system?


Dear Papa. Draw me to you and show me how to connect to you for real and for life. I have days when the challenges of life become temporarily bigger than You and the clarity you have given me. In moments like these please hold my hand and draw me nearer to you and the clarity that you are God and you are the only one who can give me balance. You have a place in my life. I stand amazed.

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