Alive & Vibrant

Today I was part of an event that challenged my thinking is so many ways. It was a candid conversation between the East Africa Community Secretary General Amb. Richard Sezibera and East Africans facilitated by AlyKhan Satchu. This is a monthly event called Mindspeak that opens the floor to talk about economics, business and life as we know it.

The key point of interest for me was the fact that the future of our homes and lives as a people is very closely tied to our ability to connect to our purpose and live it out. In the discussion about the East Africa Community was to allow us to interrogate the value and the future of the federation as well as the importance of the same. Amb. Sezibera talked a lot about the good going on in the region and the good reasons for integration and federation. Yet in the same vein he challenged each of us stand up and take charge of our part in this growth. He took time to help us see that there are opportunities, challenges, strengths and weaknesses. The future of the continent and the region lies on the capacity of the young people to take a stand and begin to live out their lives for the good of the continent. Amb. Sezibera said a few very interesting things:

  1. The young people are the future of this continent
  2. The young people have energy and intellect and just need to add desire to it
  3. There are immense opportunities to make a difference and a living one just has to be willing to look and live outside the norm
  4. There has to be immense innovation and creative thinking employed

When I think about these elements I look back to the way we live our faith lives. These elements also apply to how we live and connect to our divine purpose…let me explain.

  1. We will not be here forever so indeed the young people in every generation are the future of the nation and its divine destiny.
  2. The young people are energetic and active and what we need to do is teach them to ask the right questions and seek the right things. This raises a deeper question which is whether the adults even know the right questions to ask let alone teach the young people how to ask these questions.
  3. There are great opportunities to deepen our relationship with God. We must realise that to deepen our relationship with God and truly connect with divine purpose requires that we take time out of our ‘busy’ schedules and have quiet focused moments with Him.

That said, a slew of questions begins to ring in my head that I must deal with:

  • Am I doing as much as I can to connect to God?
  • Am I committed to sharing what I am learning with others?
  • Am I staying alive and vibrant?

I pray that by the grace of God and a deep connection to Him I will remain alive and vibrant like the Loquats in the picture. The colours of the loquats really speak to me  because

  • Green denotes Praise; Growth; New beginnings; Eternal life; Prosperity; Vigor; Freshness; Resting in God; Knowledge; Fresh oil.
  • Yellow denotes Joy; Sunshine/Sonshine; Spiritual Enlightenment.

These two colours speak about things that will bring change and value and renewal all around me and these are the very things that I  have set out in my heart to pursue and connect to daily to remain alive and vibrant.

Join Me!

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