It’s In The Simple Things

Image Courtesy of Sociedad Argentina de Horticultura

Image Courtesy of Sociedad Argentina de Horticultura

Recently in a stretch of traffic on the way home and I was looking out of the window and as we passed a road side office block I saw something really really amazing. In a first floor window was an Asian gentleman dressed in white sitting cross-legged at a window. His position intrigued me so I watched him for the minutes he was in sight. It was amazing because he sat staring straight ahead and did not move. I wondered to myself what he was doing then I realised that he was probably meditating. Why meditating? Well there was the posture, the stillness; the calm demeanour… The thing that got me the most was that he seemed oblivious of the people around and the stir he would cause if others noticed him. He was comfortable in himself and in his space and he was safe. I am not sure if others noticed him or wondered what he was doing there but he intrigued me. The simple act of sitting in the window facing the highway unmoved by the things going on around spoke volumes.

I realised that many times the pressures of life are so intense and the expectations of others denies me the time to rest, think or plan. There is often so much that needs to be done and so many places to go that I don’t always stop to consider all the aspects of the decision I am making. Other times there are too many choices so I go with the safe one rather than the risky one. Yet I have always been told that we can make time for the things that are important and seeing that man sitting in the window reminded me of the endless possibilities. In that moment clarity unfolded bit by bit. I realised that whatever happened I was making a choice. You see, not making a decision is still choosing. Even though it sounds redundant not to choose is indeed choosing.

You see, there will always be many distractions around us and things that demand our attention. There will be good things to do that will add value to our lives and the lives of those around us and there will always be more to do than we can actually do. Yet if we can just learn to sit still we would have the opportunity to change the course of our lives for real. There will always be other things we could be doing  so that would be more interesting and fun than down time but we must all find time to stop just a little.

This man intrigued me because he had made a choice and he was sticking to it even with so many other things he could be doing. The question that remains is; what choices does each of us have to make that will change the course of our lives forever. I once again realised that Prov 23:7 really needs to ground our lives daily … “As a man thinketh in his heart so is he.”

As a man thinketh in his heart so is he Photo courtesy of

As a man thinketh in his heart so is he
Photo courtesy of

What are we spending our time thinking about? When are our moments of silence and tranquillity that will help us get to the next level? What are the things we need to be focusing on and focusing off to get to our appointed destiny?

I dare say our lives are determined by the choices we make and we have a choice on how we see the choices. I call them the simple choices. Do not be deceived that the actual choices are easy because they often feel as tall as the Himalayas. However, they are the choices for the simple things in life; in a great sense they are the choices for the real things. They are the really important choices that will ground our lives and allow us greater variety and greater love, joy and peace. It is the simple choices we make every day that determine where we get to in life.

  • The choice to allow God to have full control
  • The choice to get up early to read the word and pray
  • The choice to love and provide for our families
  • The choice to go to work and do an astounding job
  • The choice to build a business that changes the industry standards
  • The choice to forgive and let go
  • The choice to be different as God intended for me to be
  • The choice to pursue knowledge learn something new every day
  • The choice to be all I can be and then some
  • The choice to find time every day to stop, be still and think
  • The choice to keep life simple and sweet
  • The choice to savour and enjoy every experience I have then learn the lesson and move on

A great life is in the simple things and the simple things are the greatest teachers. Here’s to the simple life. Make a daily choice to do something that will bring you closer to all you want to be and I will do the same. Walk a simple step with me today and every day from now

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