Nothing Wasted

Picture courtesy of Sociedad Argentina de Horticultura

Picture courtesy of Sociedad Argentina de Horticultura

How has your year been? 2014 in my books is the best year yet. Do not be deceived that it has been smooth sailing. In the same breath, it has been the hardest year yet the deepest and richest.

I have lost physical things I thought were critical to my survival and haven’t died. I have lost contact with people who were critical to my survival and haven’t gone mad. I have felt very deep & excruciating pain and loneliness and been told to get myself together yet never lost my mind. I have made critical mistakes and hurt people really bad in the process and lost money & stuff? I’ve been down in the dumps with no idea how to get out of there…living moment by moment on a wish and a prayer.

Yet nor I see that the experiences were mandatory for my growth to the next level. I had to realise that the life I lived was the one I had settled for and only I could change the path and trajectory of the same. I also had to realise that I wasn’t the wisest, best, that I could be and I had to improve. So I dared God to show Himself strong and able. I dared Him to be God and come in and change the course of my life to His established plan for me. When I think if this, I laugh at the audaciousness of that statement, yet that is what I did. Up to then, it seemed like there was nothing going for me and I needed to find a reason to go on.

I listened to my Mentors talking and marvelled at their deep solid relationships with God, their certainty that they were on the right track, their deep convictions that nothing is impossible with God and I realised that was what I wanted. I wanted 20140103-003835.jpgmore, deeper, wider, higher because only more of Him will be enough. The deeper question was how to get from here to more. I want to know that I know that I know that my life is worth something incredible in the scheme of God’s things.

So I begun asking God questions, I listened to messages, I read books, I begun to believe it would come to pass for me. Slowly the change begun. It was like putting on an energy saving bulb. Once the switch is flipped, the light comes on a bit dim but the longer the power is on the brighter it becomes. The brighter it gets the clearer we all see. And it has been the same for me. As my connection with God had increased, so has my perspective on life, so has my sense of joy, love and peace.

I know the touch of God on my life like a hand on my shoulder. I know restoration of peace. I know joy unspeakable and laughter from the depth of my soul. I know the joy of a simple hug. I know the peace that comes from the knowledge that this walk is worth its while. The depth and intensity of the connection I have is unparalleled by anything else I have ever known…it’s deeper than I could ever imagine, yet I know there is loads more ahead…how exciting is that?

imageSo I can say that nothing has gone to waste in this period. I have learnt many things and shared most of the lessons as they became clearer. I have sat at the feet of people. I have responded to situations instead of reacting and gained great insight. The understanding I have received has encouraged others to keep walking and growing. I dare say I will keep sharing the lessons so that absolutely nothing in and from my life goes to waste.

There is No Waste because in Christ it is All Gain.

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