Living It Out In Prayer

Moses Ksm 1Hi Daddy
Hi love
How are you?
Blessed! You?
You’ve been quiet…anything I need to know?
Does there have to be something when I’m quiet?
So why the inquest today?
I woke up with you on my heart as did your brother.
No, Daud.
And he called you?
Oh not about you. We had other business but at the end of our chat he asked about you
So why didn’t he call me?
Oh he will! You know him. Back to you…what’s up?
You remember my friend Anita?
Let me think…the one with a fake accent?
Fake accent? Really?
Yeah, she’s never been abroad but  she has an American accent
But she’s been to international schools all her life
Aha, sorry to misjudge her. Is she the one you’re thinking about?
Moses Ksm 3Yes
What’s up?
She’s been through a lot
We all have
Yeah, I know but it’s so hard for her.
What’s going on?
Her family is breaking up and her faith is breaking.
Breaking up?
Yes. It’s such a mess
What is?
Her life
And you are able to judge this how?
Just look at her life.
How can I? I don’t have the full picture. Do you?
Then how can you say her life is a mess?
I can see it.
See? Please explain what you see.
She’s off kilter, she cries easily, people say her family think she’s losing her mind
People say?
Do you know these people?
Not all of them
Do you trust them?
Not all
So how is it that you’re peddling this info?
Peddling info?
Sure, you have heard people talk but you haven’t confirmed the story right?
I confirmed it with one of my friends.
That’s not confirmationMoses Ksm 4
What’s confirmation to you?
Have you spoken to Anita?
Have you asked God what’s going on?
Then how can you say you’ve confirmed the story? Have you listened to her? Cried with her? Prayed with her? Stood with her?
Oh my…no
How can you say you are a true friend? Then all you are right now is a rumour mongerer like everyone else.
Yes. If you continue to just discuss Anita and her challenges with others, you are no better than everyone else. To be different you must do different.
What do I do?
You don’t know?
Honestly, I’m not sure.
Well, it’s quite simple really.


Sure. First, pray! Ask God for peace, clarity…basic direction. Second, do what He says.
Just that?

Moses Ksm 5Yup!

Don’t I need to talk to Anita to apologize & find out the truth?
I don’t know! Maybe but not if He doesn’t say so.
Wow…I had it all wrong!
Yup, but you can get it all right again.

You make it sound so simple.

It is simple dear.

Really? We are so used to talking about things yet you are saying that isn’t the best way?

Not the best at all. Did your discussions about her change her life?


Did your talks encourage her or draw her closer to healing and restoration?


What did it do?

Alienated her…moved us all away, brought shame on her…

How easy it is for us to do the simple bad thing rather the simpler right thing

I must say that praying first at times seems lame


Yes, because it is just prayer

However, remember prayer changes things

Yes it does

Go and pray for her and then do what God saysMoses Ksm 2
Thanks Daddy.

Jean left Daddy, went to her room, put her head down and cried. Her heart broke into pieces…
How did I get here?
How did I become a tattler not a true friend?
How did we lose touch?

Dear Lord, Forgive me.

What about you? Are you a good friend? Do you stand by those God has sent to you fully and truly?


 All images are of Lake Victoria in Kisumu courtesy of Moses Nderitu

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