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The Year of Our Lord 2015 Has been an astounding year.

Judy Niemeyer

Judy Niemeyer

I have cried more this year than in the last ten combined. The intensity and pain of the year had a lot to do with the sporadic nature of my posts especially in the last two months. I have always been the ‘strong’ one but 2015 has taught me that even the ‘strong’ ones must let go and allow others minister to them that they may renew and restore.

In January, Judy Niemeyer, a good friend passed on to Jesus’ arms. In May, my mum in love had a stroke and passed on to Jesus’ arms in June. In between those two wonderful ladies departures, many others I know had a loved one pass on to Jesus’ arms.

There were more questions than answers, more pain than I ever thought possible and fewer words to say that I’d ever had in my life. This period of questions, wonderings and wandering, gave rise to many days when my heart couldn’t find a great story to tell, my mind couldn’t string the words together and my hands couldn’t tap a key on the keyboard if I wanted to. I was only able to do short posts on

Rev. Mrs. Millicent Opiyo

Rev. Mrs. Millicent Opiyo

Facebook under #40DaysOfRemembrace…maybe I will also share them here…mmmhhhh.

In the midst of all this, there have been moments of extreme and unbridled joy that have now given cause for me to keep walking and believing that indeed Jesus is still Lord and will be forever. I have began to understand that what I am going through and feeling and learning has divine purpose even when I may not see or feel that purpose. So today I choose to rise and say thank you.

  • Thank you Lord for the gift of life and the opportunity to  honour you another day
  • Thank you Lord for the gift of words to share with your people
  • Thank you to everyone who reached out to me to find out what was going on
  • Thank you to everyone who noticed the silence, wondered about it and said a prayer for me
  • Thank you for your patience and concern.

Here is to a great last part of 2015 that will be full or encouragement and will truly honour God.

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