In a Blink…..

There are days when I just want to hit Carol because she seems to say everything she thinks without a filter. Even as I think this I too had a time when I had no filter so I can’t really stand there and….thank God her phone has rang and she has left the table…



Hi Carol, where are you?

Why Betz?

Just asking

Hahaha….you never just ask you know

Well, I always know something before I ask



What do you know now that you have asked?

Well, I know you are sitting with people we would rather you didn’t sit with


Like who?

That Sue chic….

What did you say?

I know you are sitting with that Sue chic

IMG_20151209_064614And is that a crime?

Well, it could be if you wanted to keep your name clean

Keep my name clean?

Of course…you don’t want people thinking that you are also in that camp

What camp?

The one of leaving people in the thick of issues

I’m not even dating how can I join that camp?

By association!

Association with who?

Her kind

What is that kind?

The kind who walk out on their families and open the door for people to suffer

Where did you hear that from?

Oh well…here and there

Who in particular?

Does it matter?

Yes it does


How did we know that the story we heard was true?

It came from the women in the women’s fellowship at church

Did anyone talk to either party before they started peddling this story?

Eish…wait a minute…what is this about? Are you saying we are lying?

Are you?

How would I know?

How would you know if you are lying? Simple…how did we get this information and did we verify it?

Did you verify what you heard?

No I didn’t and now it is bothering me!

Why would it bother you and we’re not talking about you?

Simple, we are talking about someone’s life. Right?

Oh I know but I trust my sources.

Sadly I don’t.

What? Why?

I had the chance to meet one of the other people we had been discussing and I have found out what we know isn’t the truth by a long shot

Who did you meet?

Right now it doesn’t matter…what matters is that we are being bad to people and there is way to verify what is being said as right or wrong.

I told you this information came from the leaders of the women’s ministry at church

True…but who told them? Did they talk to the people in question? Did they go to pray with them before the fall out? Was any intervention done for them when things went south?


Yes, really!!!

Why the Spanish inquisition?

IMG_20151209_064536Because I have just been proven wrong on more than one count of things I have heard and reported to others and now I feel like a rumourmongerer.



You are telling me that this one count of finding out we are wrong is making you question everything we have said in the past?


Isn’t that extreme?

Maybe but how many other times have we been wrong and discounted people’s cries for help?


Yes, seriously.

So what do you want to do about it?

I don’t know…

So why think about it?

Because I need to find peace and balance in my life!

For real?

Yes, for real.

What is out of balance?

I need to know why we are so hard and judgemental when we deal with people.

It is simple…God has given us a set of rules to live buy and any of us who don’t live by them are guilty of sin.

God gave us as set of rules? What are the rules?

We do not drink, smoke, associate with sinners and all those other things.

Is that all?

IMG_20151209_064545Of course not! We give to the poor.

We are all about faith, so when was the last time we shared the gospel of salvation or led someone to Christ? Do our lives reflect our faith and attract people to a personal relationship with God?

How would I know? Only God knows how many people have come to him because of our witness.

That is what bothers me the most because I need to know that I am having impact in life

Eish…who have you been talking to? Has that Jean chic turned you aginst the very people who have stood with you and walked with you through all the past challenges? Take care lest you destroy bridges you will need soon

With that, Betz hang up


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