Clarity Required

Dear Lord,

I thank you for the gift of life. I thank you that you order our step. Yet Lord I have so many questions and very few answers. I want to know so many things but they seem to elude me. since I have no one else to ask, I guess I will ask You:

  • How come some are so happy in life and others are so sad?
  • How come some are so successful with seemingly little effort and others are doing so badly with so much effort?
  • How is it that some care so much and others are so nonchalant?
  • How is it that there is such anger and hatred in the world yet a little love will go a long way?
  • Where did compassion and commitment go and what gave rise to all the selfishness around us?
  • How come many in high positions never care about the lives of those in lower positions than them yet many of them started out from the same place?
  • Where is the love and compassion that you easily embody in your people?
  • Do your people really trust you?
  • How can two people be friends yet one is more committed and unhappy while the other is seemingly nonchalant and happy? Where is the equity in the friendship?
  • Are we even walking in your ways and hearing your voice? Where are we going off track and how do we get back?

The list is so endless yet my heart craves answers

Over and over Your word calls us to walk in agreement, yet over and over You put people together who seemed to be is such disagreement. I am thinking of Abraham and Sarah, Abigail and …., Jacob and Racheal and the clincher is Christ and the disciples. How come it took so much and so long for them to understand the gravity and intensity of the man who walked among them? Are we too still unaware of the gravity and intensity of He who lives within us?

Your word is clear that walking with You is a privilege yet for many of us it is the one thing we don’t want to do. We want to continue to determine the way we walk and chalk up our fruit to personal effort.

Father, I feel like I am at a major crossroad and I don’t really know where to turn. I need Your perfect instruction and guidance and leading to make the right choice. So often we find ourselves in places that we thought were perfect only for something to change and we realise that the thing we thought was perfect was a shadow compared to what you had stored up for us. I want that thing that You have stored up for me and nothing less

I know there are others at similar crossroads, let us all lean into You and hear from you for You are our lifeline and lifeblood…without  You we are nothing more than a fleeting wind or a flower soon to be gone. Lead us deeper into Your love and Your care that we may remember the depth, breadth and height of our love and instruction. Draw us unto Yourself over and over, daily and moment by moment that we may be true to You and showcase the true reality of You alive in our hearts.

All we need is You Lord to lead and guide us.

It is so in You.

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