Shaken up – 3

safari walk 31.08.11 001Good morning!

Good morning, is this Diane?

Yes, it is.

My name is Daisy and I am calling from Betty Jean

Ok…how can I help you?

We got your name from Peter of Kibarani


Do you have a moment to chat?

Sure. What can I assist with?

We are a freight company and are looking to expand into the region and we are looking for a team that can drive the process.


I met Peter and he mentioned that you were exceptional in the last few months you worked for them even knowing that you didn’t have a job and he thought that if you weren’t already working elsewhere you could be a good fit for our team.


Yes…why do you sound so shocked?

Well, I didn’t think I did anything out of the ordinary at that point.

Why don’t you talk to him and hear what he thinks about your work.

I think I’ll do that.

I wonder if you would be open to meet tomorrow for a chat about the position we are offering you?

Sure! Can we meet at 11am?

Are you available earlier?

No, I have a meeting with my daughter’s class teacher that I cannot reschedule at 9am.

Alright, I will send you directions and we can meet at 11am tomorrow.



Hi Diane, how are you?


I’m well.

How is the business?

I am no longer there?

What happened?

I figured it was time and left.

Oh! Ok!

What’s going on?

I just got a call from Daisy

I hope you are taking the job…

I don’t know yet, we are discussing the details tomorrow.

Good. I think that will be a great place for you to work.

Why did you recommend me?

Easy…you kept up your work ethic even when you knew that it would all end in a matter of days.

I didn’t realise you noticed. Everyone was so uptight and preoccupied it was all I could to keep my focus together.

I know.

And you were so hard on me when I made small mistakes I thought you really hated me.

Oh, I’m sorry. We were all dealing with a very hard situation and it was easier to snap at people than to show concern and compassion.

So my work wasn’t bad?


Then why was I selected for retrenchment?

I really have no idea; the list came from HR when everything had been finalised.

You weren’t consulted?

None of the managers were or we would have kept most of those retrenched and sent the ones left home.

DSC09894Couldn’t have you fought for us?

We did and it wasn’t pleasant.

What happened?

I’m sorry that isn’t something I can discuss but suffice it to say, I left as a result of the fallout.

Were you ready to leave?

In terms of planning to…no, but God has been good and I have found things to do that are more fulfilling.

Did you just say God has been good?

Yes, I did.

Were you always a Christian?


So how come we never knew?

It was easier to leave it that way than to have my thoughts and life plans questioned endlessly.

What do you mean?

Some of the accounts we worked with were against everything I believed in but I needed to feed my family and cater to my lifestyle so I just ignored those issues and ensured I avoided the accounts I didn’t like and kept my head down.

What changed?

When the retrenchment started I was secure that my position was being retained but God allowed it to become increasingly messy and uncomfortable for me so I had to make a choice of remain and die or leave and live the plan that God had put in my heart.

What gave you the courage to quit?

IMG_20130428_102434First, it was my wife. She told me that God didn’t send me to places to be ineffective so I had to either get with the program or get with the program.



She must be tough

Oh, she is…

And the other thing that made you move?

I remembered how the three musketeers, James, Kimmy and you, worked diligently to the end and showed true charity and I realised that I had to live my life as authentically as I could or God would call me to account in a way I didn’t want to be called to account.

And how would that be?

He would pull the rug out from under my feet and hang me out to dry. I chose to go his way and it has worked out just fine.

I am glad.

I hope you are still living your life as outrageously as you did when you worked with us?

Well, I am now getting back to it.

What do you mean getting back to it?

I got angry with God after I left because I had decreed and declared, prayed and fasted and I was sure that God would turn my retrenchment letter into another position in the company or a larger company. When that didn’t happen, I took my dues and sat at home waiting for the letter but all my family did was gloat and remind me how this God I served had played me. He was silent for so long I had started to believe he had played me then Daisy called this morning.

IMG_20130428_102030Diane, God isn’t like man, He doesn’t work on man’s time plan so don’t expect him to show up when you want him to. He will show up at the right time and not a moment earlier or later and he will ensure that you needs are supplied. Trust him to do his thing and lead you in his way everlasting. Trust him to understand what you need in advance and provide it through the most incredible and sometimes unbelievable ways. Know who you are in him and hold onto that no matter what it looks like on the outside and he will lead you to victory.

Thanks…I’ll remember that

Now go and ace the interview tomorrow…that job is created just for you.

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