Delving Deep


What’s up D?

You’ve been rather quiet you know?

Really? We hang out last week.

Sure, but you were sitting in the corner watching.

Hahahaha…there isn’t much to say.

You only say that when you are processing something…confess.

Confess what?

What you are thinking about.

And why would you say I am thinking about something?

Aren’t you?

I don’t know…you are the judge of that!

Come on Jean, stop being difficult…what’s on your mind?

Answer my question first?


Sharing the Load

Do you think we are losing the plot of faith?

Explain before I answer.

I was sitting in a restaurant this week and the table next to me was occupied by Christian men old enough to be my father. Their conversation was interesting.


They were discussing how the world is going to the dogs and God has passed judgment on different nations because of the behaviour of their citizens. They talked about all the ways that people are living and how lost this generation is. There was underlying judgment and arrogance that I had never really realised. They spoke with pride about how these people will be judged and will go straight to hell. How they needed to realise that they were wrong and needed to change.

What caught you about that conversation?

For starters, their extreme arrogance that they were better than the people of the world was real. Second was the seeming lack of interest of engaging with ‘these’ people. Third, the realities that they had already decided these people were not going to change and were destined for hell. Fourth, there was no sadness in their tone or call to prayer or wondering how to reach out and share the gospel…it was just gloating and condemnation.

What do you mean extreme arrogance?

Well, they are saved and delivered and they believe they are better than those who don’t know Christ, yet they don’t seem to feel compassion for the lost.

The Challenge

Why do you say that?


You said they had no compassion for the lost. What do you mean?

They were so dismissive of the lost way people were living their lives and when they talked about the judgement of God on these people there was no compassion towards these lost people.

How do you determine that?

Simple…The tone of their voice and the looks on their faces.

Why do you think it should have been different?

Aren’t we the heart and hands of the Lord? John 13:35 says, ‘By this shall all men know that ye are my disciples, if you have love one to another.’ Jesus loved the sinners and was often found among them without judgement, how is it that we judge and discard people so easily? Why do we sit apart from people and say they are less than us? What is so good about us that we refuse to connect with them?

Who do you want to associate with?

I would hope we would all love everyone as God loves us all. When you made the choice to follow Christ, it was because someone took the time to tell you about him in love. They saw your need for God and shared the gospel with you. You can’t say that you were walking right and well when they met you, yet we stay away from people as if they are contagious. When did we change in our relations to the world? Why would anyone stand in judgement over others yet we are no better?

Personal Responsibility

Aren’t you also judging them?


You’ve said they had no compassion based on how they were looking and speaking yet you didn’t have time to chat with them and ascertain that.

So what should I have done?

What you wanted them to do…pray for their conviction and connection to the voice of God; ask God to give you the compassion to pray for the same people they were talking about; find out why God allowed you to hear that conversation and stir your spirit; spend time with God and receive the directions for the next phase for you. The bottom line is: become more like Christ.

What is your definition of becoming more like Christ?

I know that when I spend time with someone I get to know and understand them well; I can figure what will affect them and what won’t; I will know how to trigger certain responses and how to calm them down. The same applies to God; when I spend time with him in the word, prayer, fellowship and service, I learn his voice, I understand how he speaks to me and I follow him to his honour and glory. When I know his voice I am able to walk in purpose and minister as he has created me to. When I know him nearly and dearly I know what I am here to do and I am able to do it and do it well to his honour and glory. When I am walking closely with him, I learn to make my will subject to his and believe that no matter what he is in control and his plan for me is good.

So what are you saying?

Stop; take your heartache to the Lord and let him guide your responses. Say nothing; do nothing; conclude nothing unless you are sure it is God’s voice guiding you. Remain connected to Him all the way and He will lead you all the way.

What about the others who aren’t doing something about things?

That isn’t up to you; it’s up to God to deal with them. Walk your walk and pray for everyone else. God hears and answers.

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