The Need To Focus


Things have changed so much, whereas I need to be on the forefront of being a new creation and member of a new nation, I have another front I need to focus on. I must be on the forefront of growing into all that God has desired for me to grow into. This end is defined by the plan laid out for me before the foundations of the earth.

When I think about the psalm of David number 136 I read that God knew me before he knit me in my mother’s womb. Then I think about Jeremiah when God said, do not say you are a child for you are a prophet…I knew you before I knit you in your mother’s womb.’ Then talk about Christ who was sent to seek and save the lost…surely there is a plan for me even if I don’t see it or fully understand it right now. Every challenge, every fall, every tear, every joy, every sorrow has a place in God’s plan for my life. Everything must bring me closer to the cross and to the place that God has created for me in this life.

The way to success is to hear and walk with God. Walking with God has nothing to do with religious practice or a list of prescribed things that we do or don’t do. Walking with God is knowing His voice, hearing His word, acting on His word, going back over and over again to get clarification when it gets fuzzy, walking with those assigned to me, repeating the above over and over and over.

The bible records that every time David went to war ‘He inquired of the Lord.’ Meaning, that he never took it for granted that just because he was going back to a similar place, people and challenge. More interesting was that he asked God if he should actually go to war. Really? Wasn’t he a king? Didn’t he have to defend his kingdom? So why would he have to ask if he should go to war when his borders needed defending? I think that it was because he understood that the techniques and reason for the battle would be different each time, or he just realised he needed to know for certain that he was walking right.

What about me? Do I assume that since I have been on this road before I know what to do? Just think of Joshua and Caleb who knew what God had said about Israel. It affected how they responded when presented with the scare that the people of the Promised Land were giants. It was as if the knowledge of God and his word overshadowed the fear standing right in front of them. Why not us?

It makes me ask myself a few questions:

  • Do I have an on-going conversation with God about my life?
  • Do I know who he created me to be from the foundations of the earth?
  • Do I have his mind such that I can understand how anything I do affects his plan?
  • Am I even interested in walking in his path and that alone?

These questions expose the truth of my walk and I may not always want to see that. However, in this season, I must know who I am and what I need to grow into before I can be all I am for Him. Is it scary? Sometimes, but I am more scared about not reaching my fullness in Him. It is scarier for me to get to the end of life and not have achieved what I was sent here to do rather than live in fear of mandatory growth into His plan for me. I realise today that his plan, though it may be a steep climb, is the best thing I could ever do for myself and hence I remain connected to it.

Believe me, come what may…I choose to remain rooted in Him for there is nowhere I would rather be.


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