What did you decide?

The daily food journal was such an exposition as I sent it to coach every day without fail. He’d comment, ask questions about quantities eaten and the most common comment was, “You have a really sweet tooth.” Every day I wanted to hide and stop but the determination to change wouldn’t let me.

The light of scrutiny was glaring and I could not get away from it neither could I stand the suspense. I expected to be castigated and put down because I enjoyed so much sugar, yet it was always a gentle response from coach. Oh yes, gentle response but the questions asked were hard.. ‘What are you going to do about? How are you going to curb all this sweetness you eat? What is the plan?’ Really? I expected stern words. Oh don’t get me wrong he was serious and if looks could kill I’d probably be dead BUT even as he pushed me to conquer this, he was resolute it had to be me to make the choice.

What could I do? How could I change things? I thought and thought and a subsequent chat with coach brought something to light…I had to make a choice. I had to decide. Decide what you ask? I had to decide that the goal i set with God earlier is more important than eating sugar every day. I had to make a choice and work towards it.

I’m like really? I thought I have made the hard decision to start and then to know what I have to do. Now I actually have to decide how to control this sugar thing. This one took me deep. I had to understand that there was no way out of here other than to decide. So I chose to deal with the love for sugar. Oh and that was hard because it was in everything. It was in juice, soda, cookies, pastries and even fruit. I had to cut back and begin to regain control so yes, I decided to tackle the sugar,

I am working on it daily, I am growing, I am overcoming, I am walking strong because I know that as I conquer my food habits I will in the end conquer myself and come out better. This process is the route to a greater expression of the inner me so I will stay the course. I  was reminded that God doesn’t throw us off  if we do not get to the finish line when we want to simply because he is realistic about how he created us and he knows that in his time we will get there.

So I press on in this walk towards health and fitness as I press into the plan God has mapped out for me.

Lesson of the day: Decide; Decide; Decide.

pexels-photo-375897.jpeg“Let us choose for ourselves what is right; Let us know among ourselves what is good.  Job 34:4



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