Come on Mountain…Move!

This journey would not be possible without a level of faith. Oh I thought I had strong faith before but this journey has taught me that faith is a daily thing.

Twenty days into my exercise journey I hurt my leg in the most unusual way. Hahahaha, there’s no usual way to get injured but wah!!! We were setting up for a family celebration and there were challenges with some of the décor items. I had a brain wave and went to action it when I slipped on a stone and severely twisted a muscle in my foot. Oh how unexpected to get injured…how unexpected.

Now I know that seeing stars is real because I saw stars and was blinded for a quick moment as my heart cried out, ‘Oh God please stop any major injury that I can serve and complete my task today.’ It was as if my foot moved backward and something internally shifted but the pain was there. I finished my portion with a very slight limp then asked one of sisters to rub my leg because I needed someone who would not relent when I felt pain. We confirmed that it wasn’t a break or ankle sprain and for that I was glad

Oh but I felt pain to the point of seeing stars again. Wah! How can something be so painful? Surely, how can this happen just when I was getting the rhythm of regular workout? How oh how? I drove home as the swelling hit and the throbbing started but thanks to a wonderful lil man, there was hot water for soaking ready when I got home.

What surprised me though was that my biggest concern wasn’t that I was injured but that I wouldn’t be able to work out in the morning. Can you imagine just how much God had done in twenty days? As I lay down to rest my ardent prayer was ‘Lord, please help me find a way to work out even with this injury.’

By morning, wisdom had arrived…we’d take two days off major exercise and I would flex the foot as often as I could handle the pain. When we resume on Monday the focus for three weeks, would be exercises I could do sitting and without pressure on my foot. This meant exercises like planking, sit ups and push ups that I’d wanted to avoid for a little longer.

You know those things that just give you a brain freeze when you think about them that look like the Himalayas? These exercises did just that for me. My ready excuse to coach was I don’t know how to do sit ups, but quickly I found myself online looking through videos *hides*. There was one video I felt I needed to watch but wilfully decided to skip it but alas, that is the very video coach sent. Ah! This God, He was thwarting me at every turn so I decided to listen.

‘Dear Father, please help me shift the mountain in my mind and cause my body to follow,’ was all I could pray and He answered it to a T. Every day I slogged through the exercises until I could do them well. The miracle was after watching the video I had tried to skip I could do sit ups without residual back and neck tension meaning I finally got it right. For sure, God had shifted me, albeit by force but He had shifted me and I wasn’t going back.



Every day I ask for a new level of faith to make it through and God continues to be faithful. Every day He says, ‘…And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.’ Matt 28:20

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