Didn’t Snooze Didn’t Lose

Everyday my mind wakes up a minute before my alarm goes and I have learnt to get up soon after. By get up I mean get out of bed and it is so funny that my body is so ready to go when that alarm goes. This wasn’t always the case especially as I was the poster child of the snooze button.

Thank God for smartphones so I can set more than one alarm. For a while now I would set four alarms half an hour apart, with the last one as the latest I could ever get up. Sounds ridiculous right? But that is how I used to roll. I’d snooze alarm 1, alarm 2, alarm 3 and think oh no…when alarm 4 goes off. In the process of thinking oh no, I would drop back to sleep and wake up like ten minutes into the pressure zone and from there on, the day is a mess.

Those days were relatively simple as I had to get the lil man and myself ready to run out the door. Not anymore. Now I needed to find at least forty minutes to workout before I start the usual school work routines. Initially I couldn’t see where to find the time. because I wake up at 5am and run out of the house at 7am having done this long list of things to get ready…where would I find the time?

Anyway, I decided to see how things would go from here. The next day, the four alarms went off, in their thirty minute intervals and though I was mostly awake between the first and last one I didn’t get up since it was still the holidays. When I finally I got up I went to apologise for not finding time and God stopped me in my tracks.

Do you seriously have no time to work out?

Just look at this routine…where is the time?

In the morning!

Really? Can’t you see how much I need to get done every morning?

There is indeed quite a bit to do but you waste two hours every morning?

You’re joking right?

Nope! Just watch yourself and see the truth.

Mmmmhhhh! How and where do I waste two hours a day? I’m sitting there scratching my head when in my mind I see my alarms going off…four alarms in half hour intervals…just do the math! Oh my! I snooze away two full hours every morning…two full hours…have I lost my mind? What a waste! What got to me even more is that I had done this for four years and never noticed it…what is wrong with me?

With a simple prod, my Father had I must deal with my perspective. I was so caught up in the middle of the madness that was life I couldn’t see it until he pointed it out. When he said two hours, I was like pssshhhh!!! Yet after careful searching there it was, two hours wasted but invisible because it was normal…I was used to it.

He didn’t leave it there though. So what if I had realised I was wasting time, what was I going to do about it? What else couldn’t I see about my life that needed his perspective? What was my next action? He prodded till I decided to wake up with the first alarm. Yes! Two hours earlier than I used to. It wasn’t easy but I was determined to make my Father proud, I was determined to follow His word over me and His faith in me!

He knows the plans He has established for me. He had gathered help from unlikely distances. He has gathered witnesses to learn from the process. He has said that all things are possible with Him, surely I can draw near to Him and hold on to the plan in total faith and fidelity!



It is a daily walk to rise above the normal to see HIS reality and connect dots to the destination HE set out for me.

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