100 Days: What now?

Once you reach the target what next? No really…what next. Yesterday I passed 100 days on the new system and I fondly remembered my brother who is a guru in rapid result initiatives. He once told me that the best way to assess the viability of a project or the dedication of the implementer is how much is done in 100 days. It is enough time to really see their motivation. What do I think about it? So this is the 100 day review:


Believe it or not, my tastes have changed! Yeah , yeah, it sounds cliché right? Yet, it is true. About three weeks ago we had a girl’s date and we prepped and cooked lots of good food but guess what, when all was ready I went back to the kitchen to look for sweet bell peppers in different colours cut, added vinegar and made a salad to eat with chicken. Why? My system currently prefers fresh vegetables to cooked vegetables. Even more interesting is the new appreciation for green smoothies and odd fruits that I wouldn’t have looked at in the past. So yes…my eating habits have changed. It is even funnier that when I am out, these behaviours follow me.


These are almost a thing of the past. Once a month I would have the insatiable desire to eat, eat, eat chocolate and all things sweet but now I just have one bite and I am good. A single square of dark chocolate actually hits the spot just right I  no longer need a whole bar like before. I used to the whole chocolate no matter what size I opened. It was as if I could not help myself. Now, it is so funny, I could break off three pieces and after the first I’m like, isn’t that enough and just stop. Oh my!! I couldn’t believe it the first or second time but as it has continued to happen I marvel and feel like I am on the outside looking in.


This is the funniest one…oh yes it is. A few days ago I was working when I realised it was 11.20pm and I hadn’t worked out. Yes, you read right 11.20pm. I had been struggling with focus and all those things but couldn’t really understand why and suddenly my mind looks on the need to work out and won’t let go. So I went to my 7 min app and voila! HA!!! In the past you would never find me going out of my way to get on the on mat to work out. in fact I would be looking for reasons early in the morning why the evening workout wouldn’t happen. Do I always love the workout and do it with ease? Nope. Do I do it all the same? Yes. Why? I love it. Coach just calls it the right kind of addiction since even injury wouldn’t stop me. I wouldn’t say addicted…I say committed.


I didn’t expect such a great change here. Working out and eating well has brought an unexpected dimension in my life. The very face that I have conquered my personal laziness and turned it around that my body is crying out for exercise, has also totally affected my walk with God. Whenever I try to give excuses about how hard one thing or the other is, He reminds me that if my body has moved from where it was to this place of deep commitment surely my heart and mind can too. What excuse do I have not to get up and pray if I will stop work and exercise at 11.00pm? None whatsoever! It has also come to mean that I can fix my eyes on something and follow through to the determined end even if it seems like an unlikely and illogical conclusion. It means that my heart and mind can connect to the purpose of God and be unrelenting to the end. It means that I truly have to live with #NoExcuses.

waterfall-beauty-lets-explore-lets-get-lost.jpgI am grateful to God for His grace and mercy and the gift of tenacity He has given me. For real it is a gift He gives and then pushes us to unearth it. I am proof that in less than 4 months he has shown me how nothing is impossible with him and that I can trust him to shift me no matter what. Faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen.

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