Drill Master Needed

How often do we say we don’t know the way forward yet all we need to do is to reconnect with who God has said we are and ask Him to clarify everything all the time? I’d say too often. How often do we use common statements when we don’t really understand what they actually mean to us and how we must live them out? What are those things we do just because we have always done them yet we don’t understand the reason behind them?

I dare say it is time to question everything, absolutely everything in and around us.

There are things I need to understand and grow into that only God can highlight, explain, and shift for me. There is nothing impossible with God so as long as I concentrate on what He has said and how He has instructed me I will be able to deliver the same. Yet I cannot concentrate if I don’t have a full picture of Him and where we are going… the guiding light. The picture that would give me the capacity to keep walking and remain committed to the path no matter what. A real picture of whom I am in God and who I need to become that I can hold onto.

I must begin to ask God questions about things around that He may make sense of it.

Several times in the last week or so, I have found myself correcting my posture; tucking in my core and sitting straight up, shifting the position of my legs and how I lean forward and how I rest until my body says ‘That’s the right way.’ In the middle of one of the posture corrections, I saw the picture of soldiers standing in a parade, tall, straight, solid, fully alert, looking straight ahead no matter what passed near them. In an instant, it hit me like a great bolt of light I understood their posture was important because it allowed them to focus on what is important.

buckingham-palace-guard 1Even when they are at ease their posture is strong, solid and alert, always ready to step up and make the right move for the sake of the nation. I think of the guards on sentry duty outside Buckingham Palace. They don’t move a muscle for the duration of their shift even if people take photos with them. Yet if they notice an attack about to happen I am sure they would respond with precision. Imagine these are just ordinary soldiers so what do the Generals go through to reach the fullness of who they are and who they must be always as they lead their teams.

God has made me His Special Assignment Soldier, and there’s a very specific way I must train to rise into that. Training needs a good drill master who pushes me relentlessly past my perceived limits into new territory, who sees the potential in me and will pull it out even if I feel like I am breaking. Who will notice when I am overextended and ensure a pullback to avoid injury. Who will ensure the right measures are taken for cheeky behaviour.

army authority drill instructor group

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

This helps me deal with any limiting thought patterns I have and break down barriers that hold me back. He is there to push me past the things I have feared doing so that I can see myself as my Father does and become all that He has said I am. He functions as a vessel to push me into the fullness of the divine plan!

Wah!!! I must remain in this place of accepting who I am in God and connect to the deeper expression of the reality of Him. This time it is more than just words and must be about true and lasting transformation on the inside that will overflow to the outside. It is all about knowing who I am in you and becoming it. It is about a consistent walk with him, not one hit wonders or one-word wonders.

It is open eyes living based on what He has shown me; being the best I am in Him; taking daily walks with Him as a partaker into a deeper reality of Him.


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