Mind On Task

I have learnt that I can do more than I ever thought possible if I just set my mind on the task.

The life shift process of the past fifteen months has been so profound and it helped me really dig deep and find strength and resolution from within. I have had a lot of fun watching myself move from I don’t know how or I don’t think I can to let me try and wow, I just did. It has been really intense to move from no workout to jogging.

Every day when I am jogging and keeping pace even if it is slow, I remember one of my sisters who couldn’t run because of knee issues and now is able to do twelve laps around a regular running track. I remember stories of how it would be the focus on the next step, then the next corner, then the next lay until the body takes over and intuitively leads through the workout. I am learning that there are many things I will now achieve.

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It all made more sense this week as I listened to Vusi Thembekwayo talk about three things that help us keep on track namely, focus, discipline and consistency. The one that stuck with me is Focus. My definition of focus is paying concentrated attention on something you want to achieve.

Vusi explained that when we focus on what we are doing, the mind does several things:

  1. Makes the target bigger: more visible, more prominent, brings it into the place my mind can see it and draw it into my space. It brings it into my area of focus over and over and reminds me what I am looking for.
  2. Gathers in all the information needed: starts looking for what I need to know about the choice I have made; it filters important information in. The information flows in conversation, reading material, online research in ways that are more inters than before.
  3. Cuts out all information it deems unimportant: it moves past all distractions and potential time wasters. I will lose interest in things that will take me off track. I could fail to see things that would distract me or detract from my focus.

This is big because as the mind pin points, gathers and removes, the goal becomes clearer and every day the goal comes closer. This process also ensures that there are splits from people and things that are in the way of the goal and we must adjust to stay true to your journey.

I look back, and can see how my mind has dealt with the need to up my exercise game. I know that if I can do a walking exercise video, I can walk outside. If I can walk then I can jog and if I can jog I can run. I know when I have to increase my distance I can set a pattern of interval training that works. I know I have to do it at least five times a week so every day my body bugs me until I toe the line. It isn’t easy but it is worth it; and that is the big thing

Nothing worth doing or having comes easy.

There is process and diligence needed to move from point A to B and as long as I am willing and able to do the work then there are unlimited options to how my life will turn out. As I learn these lessons, I realise that no matter what I read, listen to or watch, the change only happens when I decide to put my mind, body and soul into the process and do the work to get there.

I am stepping in and going forward because no one can be me and actualise all that God has demanded that my life produce. I am becoming accountable once again to the call on my life and responsible for the task assigned to me.

Growing up and loving it.

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