Then It Was Gone

One day it was fun and the next it wasn’t

One day I loved my work and the next I didn’t

One day we were close and the next we weren’t

One day I was happy and the next I wasn’t

Ok, so let’s be real and say that isn’t true

We all know that we lose interest in things over time

Times and seasons change and we don’t keep track

Then one day it no longer makes sense

So to be honest it took time to change

Three years to lose interest in my work

Four years to lose that deep connection

Eight years to completely lose the joy

It took repeated losses and struggles to give up

Regular arguments and avoidance to lose touch

Immeasurable disappointment to see you didn’t care

Intense sadness and struggle to lose my joy

It took inexplicable loneliness for the tears to fall

Indescribable sadness to accept you were gone

Great losses and down time to shut the business

Untold shame to give up totally

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Yet He wouldn’t let me stay down

He wouldn’t let me wallow too long

He wouldn’t move on without me

He stopped the world to get me up

He sat beside me as I called Him names

He sent His children to wipe my tears

He dragged me along when I refused to walk

He breathed on me so I could sing

I kicked Him more times than I could say

I called Him names I wouldn’t call another soul

I screamed at Him for being fake

Yet He wouldn’t smite me even when provoked

Why would You care for a girl like me?

Why bother to lift me up?

Why forgive the madness I had done?

Why stand beside me till I got up?

What do you know about my life?

What do you have planned for me to become?

What must I do for You in this life?

What does Your mind have in store for me?

Will You show me the full picture?

Will You tell me the full story?

Will You open the doors in advance?

Will You push until it’s done?

I cannot do this without you Papa

I am but a child in this walk together

So come alongside and show the way

If I will every become all You see in me

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