Handpicked & Assigned

My Precious One,

Your assignment does not always match your apparent human capability. I have a tendency to handpick people and assign them to roles and mandates that:

1. They don’t look like

2. They are not humanly qualified for by worldly standards

Case 1: Moses.

I called a stammerer and sent him to speak for Me in the nation from which he had fled after killing a man and burying him himself.

Case 2: My disciples

I handpicked men, among them fishermen, uneducated men and even despised tax collectors to be the founders of the Church!

Case 3: Mothers who birthed great men

I found it pleasing to choose barren, past child-bearing age women and a young virgin to bring prophets and even The Saviour of the world to birth.

When you come near and listen to My Heartbeat, some things you will hear as being the reason why I created you will not make any sense.

If you are led by your soul and body, you will be content to living within what ‘looks like you,’ looks possible, makes sense to you and/other people, what you see yourself capable of and are already operating within.

But My plans for you exceed your GREATEST imaginations! Get out of your comfort zone!

Your Daddy, The Giver of Time and Chance, God.

By Grace Favour


Where are you in your walk and do you even realise how well God has planned your life? Everything you find yourself in is to make you a better person. Everything is designed to ensure you walk in the fullness of who HE says you are and change the corner of the world He has placed you in.

Every time you wonder if you can make it or are scared of the future or are not sure how to proceed remember you are in the right place and on task and the only thing that can get you off the task is Him who put you on or yourself.

Photo by Plush Design Studio on Pexels.com

No matter where you are from or what you are going through, rememberĀ God is at the centre of it all

He dreamt about you

He created you

He loves you

He leads and guides you

He knows your end from the beginning

He is in all, with all and through all

Hold on Him and the word HE spoke over and about you and it will be well.

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