Choose By An Act Of Will

I never leave you alone or without the
immediacy of My help, says the Father. Setbacks may pockmark your path, but My declaration over you is one of love and blamelessness. If I have no blame for you, why are you feeling guilty?

Close the gap between peace and turmoil by repenting quickly. Your responsibility is to choose by an act of your will to press into the fullness of My plan.

Push away from the darkness that infringes upon your thoughts. When temptation breaks out in acts of transgression, repent quickly and keep moving toward Me and not away from Me.

I see your struggles and say to you that you are not helpless or unfit in any way. Purity and cleansing
flow to you now and every day; even this day is a new beginning.

The Father Says Today – 10th June
It all started in the morning when I woke up. The day was cold and grey and my body was weary, my soul was done and all I wanted to do was bake and stay in bed. I went about my morning responsibilities so that I could go back to bed and just lie
around until around two then I would bake. Alas, that was not to be.

My phone lights up with messages on text and whatsapp about things I need to finish and places I needed to speak. There were people waiting on me and now I had to get out of bed and face the day. I was so warm under my covers but now I had only an hour before my first appointment and I needed to get ready.

So I begun the long day full of activities that were all good but I would rather be somewhere else…in bed.

The only thing that got me up and about was the reality that my Father needed me to get going so even I would push past myself. Yes… push past myself.
  • He had a plan, I would do it
  • He had a path, I would follow it
  • He had a thought, I would seek it
  • He had a need, I would meet it
I don’t need to fully understand I just need to know the way and I will walk in it.

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