Is Your Grace Really Sufficient?

The sun was setting

The day was ending

The breeze was blowing

Something was shifting


It had been a long journey

It was a hard going

It was lonely

Something was shifting


Her heart was set on you

Her hope was in your healing

Her focus was finding your joy

Yet something was shifting


There was a whisper in the air

There was a shift in the breeze

There was dip in the sunlight

She shifted into eternity


The word came and took our breath away

The word came and threw us for a loop

The word came and everything changed

Indeed it had shifted


It felt like a punch in a gut

It felt like you went on holiday

It felt like you have forgotten us

It felt like you left all of us alone


It feels like You have forgotten them

If feels like You have looked away

It feels like You went away and forgot

It feels like You left them alone


Yet you say TRUST

And you say BELIEVE

Then you say Hold onto hope

Even with the shifting


This one needs You

No one else but You

Nothing else but You

The hope and grace in the shifting


Help us believe

Heal our hearts

Let us see you

We need your grace


From the hearts of WASH daughters

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