Aligning My Inner Rudder

The Father says today,

Trust Me to act in your life on My terms and in My timing. I do not have any contingency plan for your life. I am not offering any consolation prizes for “Plan B.” Do not rationalize away your blessing. I will never be late, and I will not arrive with partial answers or diluted solutions.

The enemy has predicted your failure because you are not perfect. He mocks your hopes because you failed to do everything right.

I took the imperfection of your humanity into account when I crafted your destiny, says the Father. I do not look at performance, but at a heart perfected under My hand.

This is the hour, and this is the day and season of your deliverance. Trust Me and step forward to your victory.


I have had a lot on my plate recently and very often I couldn’t see the way ahead or felt like things were failing.

In one memorable instance, I was feeling the pressure of deadlines of an assignment and the need to deliver certain outcomes for the same. I was so stressed out that I kept waking up with panic attacks because the day of completion was at hand and I couldn’t see the results I wanted J and the pressure for success was intense beyond measure.

As usual I sat with Papa G. I was feeling down and wondering how this will work when He took me back to the reason I begun working on the assignment in the first place. You see, even before I accepted the assignment, He and I had a very clear plan of what my involvement was to produce as the base of assessment. This plan took into account who I am and what my life has to produce each time. Truth be told, I had lost sight of this agreement and was off track from our evaluation matrix. Then the reality hit me…

If my inner rudder is off track my life will not produce the right fruit; hence the inner discomfort I was in.

It all sounds simple enough and indeed it was because as soon as I recommitted my focus to the first agreement, I was rested, more articulate and stronger to decline assignments that would take me off track. Re-alignment meant being clear with the team about what I would be committed to and what I wouldn’t touch. I meant daily committing myself to the things I needed to be focused on and leave the rest to fall in place. The results were amazing.

  • I learnt who to lean on and who to avoid.
  • I learnt where to put my energy and who to let do other areas.
  • I learnt to breath deep, receive instruction, process and assign.
  • I learnt that I don’t have to deal with everything that comes my way.
  • I learnt that if I delegate a task with responsibility, the team member will rise and do it well.
  • I learnt that we can adjust the course along the way to deal with rising situations.
  • I learnt that if God has ordained a path for me, I can depend on Him to deliver it as I do my part.

The bottom line is that things realigned and the assignment was a resounding success as was my current learning curve. I love this God of the impossible.

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