When The Road Shifts

I wasn’t feeling too well and asked a couple of people for prayer as I’d been in bed all day and could hardly speak. Afterwards, I asked myself why I reached out…did I honestly want prayer or was I seeking the high of people thinking about me? On the surface it looked like a simple call for prayer but was my heart really being honest?

This Father of mine is the most amazing. As most responded with get well wishes and said they were praying, one of my beloved brothers simply said, “You are fine and you will speak when there are words to be spoken.” Crazy? Today I say no but in the past it would have been crazy.

I should have pressed in with God to understand His reasons for allowing me to be bed bound and weakened. I should have asked about how the silence and the earache would increase my understanding of Him and His call on my life.

You see, just two days ago, I was sharing that everything in our lives MUST bring God glory yet here I was feeling sorry for myself because I was suddenly unwell. Where had my faith and trust gone?

Where God inhabits, everything contrary to His nature is consumed. So this sickness is but another opportunity to course correct my understanding and focus in line with the plan of God at work in me.

May His praises fill my heart till it overflows.

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