You Left With A Piece Of Me Left

You were tall, actually towering
So wide you filled the doorway
With a brilliant smile and a cheeky laugh
A smooth bald head on top
A thin line of hair along the edge

Your eyes missed nothing
Your ears heard everything
Your arms caught all of us
Your feet moved purposefully
Nothing was outside your reach

You demanded our best and no less
Best grades possible
Best behaviour & manners
Best smiles & laughter
Best experiences

Every moment with you was class
Walking through the farm
Shaking the mango tree
Checking on the animals
Walking down the road

The adults watched in awe as you played with us
You were stern with them but laughed with us
You were serious then suddenly chasing us round the house
Sitting still then tickling the life out is us
Loving all 28 little ones with abandon

You reminded me many things:
To read hard and do well in school
To serve God with diligence
To be faithful in all I do
To look out and help others always

I never thought you’d leave so soon
I expected you to live until I grew up
I hoped you’d meet the next generation
I prayed you’d last for a long, long time
But alas…it wasn’t to be

You stayed as long as you could
You were strong as long as possible
You prepared us as best as you knew
You put things in place in advance
You prayed for us to the end

One day, smiling with your doctor
Telling him you are ok
Settled comfortably in your bed
All things settled and organised
You slipped off to sleep never to awake here

I think of you a lot grandpa
More now that I have a growing king
More now that the community has grown
More now that the last of your generation is gone
I think of you a lot

You saw me, really saw me
You loved me, faults and all
You pushed me, to be my best
You blessed me, so richly
You laid the foundation.

I bless God for you
I celebrate you in me
I challenge myself to be more
I remember your words of hope
I stand on your shoulders

I am because you were
I know because you shared
I stand because you knelt
I walk because you laid the foundation
I stand on your shoulders

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