Finding Your Way

Moses and Joshua were quite a team. History and scripture have Joshua seated outside the tent every time Moses went in to meet God. Later on he is one of the two spies who really saw and understood the ways of God. Joshua had access to an example of a new and deeper expression of walking with God.

In Egypt the people had become lax and doubtful on their faith because of the times there had been and were still in. they had gotten used to keeping quiet, dumbing down and living under the radar to survive. They obeyed without question and followed orders to an increasingly brutal regime driven by fear. What did the Egyptians fear? The growing numbers of the Israelites and the blessedness they lived under. They feared that they would become more powerful and then turn the tables. Anyway, that is not my direction today.

In the midst of these circumstances, many of the Israelites lost the reality fo the wound of God’s voice. He had been seemingly silent for hundreds of years so many didn’t even understand or know the reality o that voice, yet Joshua domehow remained aware of the existence of the God who brought them into Egypt.

When he interacted with Moses, it revived his belief when he saw the expression of Moses life. This expression of a life of faith by Moses spoke to and awakened a desire seated deeply within Joshua for more. Moses has a confidence in this scary God, who did insane miracles and his curiosity was piqued.

Joshua followed Moses closely and watched keenly, eyes propped open that he wont miss anything. He drew as close as he dared, outside the tent, and stayed there watching, listening, dreaming and desiring. It wasn’t his curiosity that kept him there…no; it was the voice of God at work in him that kept him there. He watched Moses go before Pharaoh and eventually by the miracles of God and this gave him the confidence in God.

At the battle with Amalek, Joshua led the fighting men in the valley while Moses oversaw from the hill, arms raised. As long as Moses’ arms were raised, the army of Israel won but when they dropped, Amalek gained ground. Moses and Hur were standing with Moses and when they noticed he was tired, they got him a stone to sit and they held up his hands for him because they had seen the pattern unfolding below. This secured the win for Israel and Joshua with his fighting men gained ground.

It is easy to read these Bible stories and just walk away but recently things have been jumping off the pages into my view. Several things stand out for me like never before in

  1. Know your God: Who do you believe? Moses and Joshua were certain who they believed, his abilities and pathway.
  2. Know thyself: who are you in God? What are your gifts, assignments and position?
  3. Take your position and stand firm: Each one has a role to play…a very important role that affects the generations to come. Find the role you fit into of the following positions. Each position has very specific training and preparation requirements as well as responsibilities that cannot be avoided. They also have differing levels of respect especially from the outward perception but none can be taken lightly as they contribute to the success of the whole picture
    • Leader: Moses – He spent extended time with God to understand God’s heart for his people, assessing the needs of the people and seeking ways to build and raise the people to the godly standards required.
    • Assistants: Aaron and Hur – They spent time with Moses and understood the word God has spoken to him. Their role was to stand over the word of God and ensure that everything needed to keep it on track would be done.
    • Advisors: the Judges – They lightened Moses load as the people were many but they were men who knew God and walked with him in a clear and tangible way, wise in counsel and gracious leaders.
    • Battle captain: Joshua – He understood the heart of God for the season and stood confident to defend that word with his life. He led the fighting men to the heart of the defence of that word.
    • Fighting men: the army – They are the boots on the ground, they understand their mandate. The armies protect the borders of the land and ensure that nothing is lost.
    • The masses: the people – A united people is the best tool of growth and influence. This is the largest group of the people because too many aren’t inspired enough to rise because rising demands more work and focus.  

When each one took their place the whole team won!!!

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