God In The Midst Of It

You are a breath of fresh air in the smog

You are the sun on a cloudy cold day

You are water on a hot day

You are fresh fruit in winter


Your smile brightened up my day

Your wit made me laugh

Your understanding stole my heart

Your creativity provided insight


Your grace brought peace

Your humour blew my mind

Your wisdom gave me balance

Your insanity make life challenging


Your net worth is in relationship

Your power is in compassion

Your strength is in empowering

Your compassion is supportive


You are more than I would ask for

You are every bit the power I needed

You are my quiet strength

You are the joy in my heart


I could say it is insane but it isn’t

I found an ally, a friend, a challenger

I found honest support and strength

I found power to go on


I found companionship and support

I found deep, hearty laughter

I found inspiration and ignition

I found red hot dreamers fire


I found unrestrained focus

I found unfiltered conversations

I found fearless challenges

I found the ability to change


I found stability

I found strength

I found peace

I found grace


I found God in the middle of it

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