Never As It Seems

We sat watching them

Laughing together

Entertaining the little ones

What a beautiful family


What a joy for engaged parents

What a beauty of happy children

Out in the world have a blast

Making all of us watch


She walked up to them smiling

Joining in the laughing and playing

Dusting off the children

And walked off smiling


Bye bye uncle

Bye bye auntie

See you lovelies

Love you


Wait a minute…

That wasn’t a family?

Those weren’t their children?

Oh Wow!!!


It is never as it seems


How many other things had we assumed?

How many others had we judged?

How many hasty judgments have we made?

It is never as it seems


The outward appearance is unreal

The gloss can deceive

The fascade breaks eventually

It is never as it seems


How do we know the truth?

How do we understand the realities?

How do we know what holds?

It is never as it seems


We pursue the heart of God

We pursue the clarity  of the Spirit

We pursue the depth of Christ

It becomes as it seems



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