Remember all that she gave you,

How she trained you,

How she taught love, compassion, belief.


Remember too how much she loved you

How she shielded you from drama

How she ensured you grew up uninhibited


Remember her smile and laugh

Her hugs and twinkilng eyes,

Her joy, hope, her faith


Remember her belief that all will be well

How to she never lost heart

How clear headed she was


Remember her joy for life and love

Her belief in the goodness of people

Her joy in the success of others


Remember the fights you had

The lessons you learnt from them,

The wisdom you learnt


Remember her hard challenge

The lesson to protect your own,

How to stand for what you believe,


Remember that even when she is far

She is present in you,

She lives on as an inspiration in you,


Remember her inner strength

As a source of strength for you,

Example of unconditional love ❤


Now go out and have a conversation with God,

Become the person He told her you would be

Confirm all the input she was led to give to you


Remember the womb that bore you

The one that pushed you to your fullest

The one that called you out as God said


Remember that mother isn’t always biological

Rather she is the one who heard God about you

Then call you to account of your path


Remember she that begged God for you

Prayed you through your journey

Wept over your coming out


Remember love with no shadows

Hope with no boundaries

Faith with no limits


Remember Sarah, Rebecca, Esther

Remember Rahab, Ruth Naomi

Remember Elizabeth, Priscilla Mary


Remember the heart that love you enough

To plead with God for your life

Then give you back to Him as promised


Remember, you are a product of love

You are a soldier on assignments

You are a servant of God


Remember you are established in prayer

Built in solid teaching

Graced to change the world for God


Remember…you were created, prepared and built

For such a time as this

Remember to GO!!!



Inspired by the memory of a dear friend’s mother

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