Let’s Be Real

We are so focused on the festivities of the new year and the children going back to school amid ongoing economic challenges and many of us are able to hide the overwhelming anxiety we feel. One thing we did not anticipate is the toll that being at home would take on the children. The younger ones just want to get back to going out every day while the older ones have a few more questions and concerns they are hiding.

I have seen posts about the first day off school and the many little ones who are seemingly unaware of the value of the protocols in place. I have read concerns about children still sharing sweets, trading masks, and walking hand in hand around the school or to the bus. I have some very profound conversations with the young king and queen. The younger generation is grappling with things we grappled with later in life. One of my young natives is grappling with things I am currently dealing with, yet she is in her late teens and I am in my mid-40s. I do not have the answers or tried, and true patterns like I would prefer but it has become a cool place of conversation and connection.

What do I say when I do not have or know the answer?

Simple…I admit I do not know. Now some of my acquaintances may think that is unwise because they want to appear strong. News flash…the younger generation know we are grappling and do not know what we are doing half the time. No matter how hard you try to hide it, the young ones know that we do not have it all together. They know some of us are scared out of our minds. They know you don’t have job security and money but since you keep showing that you have it, they will continue to demand it after all, “…I am the child, and they are the adult…”

This is the year to be REAL. We must be honest first with ourselves and then with others including our offspring or the fruit of our loins or the next generation. Since they know we are not as hot as we portray, how about teaching them to be real about who they are, accept themselves and their gifts then teach them to build in accountability in their lives? How about teaching them to value themselves over the media pictures? How about showing them how hard we work to provide? How about showing them the secret place where you spend time to know God? How about teaching them to deal with God in prayer and meditation for He supplies all our needs according to riches in glory.

Many cannot teach these things because we do not really know them.

We can only teach whatever we know for certain. So, remember that teacher who did not want questions during chemistry? Could it be that they did not know the answer and were trying to hide behind the students are rude and we should never question adults? Could it be that that teacher who hit you so hard was the one who wasn’t articulate, and they had to find ways to make us align and comply?

We cannot afford to do the same with our children because though externally those heavy-handed measures worked for us, they also injured many of us irreversibly on the inside. They set a precedent that lied to us about our levels of importance and taught us to hide our feelings. They denied us the joy of being honest, the ability to negotiate, the ability to connect with people around us and opportunities to rise high.

As you step into the new season, choose to be different.

Choose to listen to and understand the younger ones. Choose to walk in honesty with them. be real with yourself about who you are, what you expect from life, what you will put in to get what you need out. Find balance in your faith and a deeper sense of self and self-worth. You are more than you have ever know or even imagined. You are the fulfilment God is waiting for on a very special assignment and change in creation. You are the answer to a very specific question when you rise to your fullest.

Your place of birth, upbringing, life experience and connections are tied to who you must become in this season. Nothing goes to waste in the divine plan, nothing ever fails when we give Him way. We can see in the lives that are fully yielded, no holds barred, because they become outstanding wonders every time. Arise, let no other hold you back, let go of all the fear you have learnt and absorbed from those around you and pursue the greatness that lies within you.

Stop, think, become…it is possible and totally needed.

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