Rise As One

When we are in the thick of life

We may not see all the vistas

We may not see all the gifts

We must have open eyes


We will get there

We will build hope

We will find strength

We will conquer it all


Working together

Communicating clearly

Moving as one

Seeing all angles


Subtle instructions

Simple angles

Deep insights

Deeper patience


Learning to be comfortable

Focused on growth

Showcasing inner beauty

Building common strength


We will know when we found it

We will hold the pose

Shift as needed

Moving with intention


No guesswork

No discomfort

No fear

No trepidation







Confidence will rising

Knowledge abound

Growth as a constant

Love embodied


Oneness with the Father

Oneness with self

Beauty unfolding

Light and warmth


Photo by Git Stephen Gitau on Pexels.com

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