Many times we think our lives are built on God

But alas

Unless we can track it back to an encounter

Unless it is based on a specific word

When things get rough,

We are rudderless.  


Most of us don’t even know the WORD is our anchor

We were taught to be around people of God

That because of people it will just work out

We have believed the lies

We are paying a heavy price

We are rudderless


HOPE is our anchor 

Our place of stability 

Our source of strength 

Our strong tower

Our rudder


The WORD is our light

Our illuminaton

Our source of guidance 

Our solid ground 

Our hope in the darkness


The PROCESS is the training ground

Our pruning

Our planting

Our watering 

Our place of experience


His VOICE is our guide 

Our rod of correction

Our light in the dark 

Our source of comfort 

Our eternal transformation 


Our strength is in His HOPE

Our joy is in His LOVE

Our peace is in His EMBRACE 

Our power is in His STRENGTH 

Our life is in HIM


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