Your Voice Matters

When was the last time you shared your life’s journey with someone in need or you shared a lesson, you learnt? Not necessarily the whole story of the mess, but the lesson learnt and how applying that lesson has changed your life.

The season has been very hard for many of us taking us to the brink and even thrown some of us off the cliff. Some of those who haven’t gone over the edge are tethering right there, hanging by a thread that is breaking as we speak. Walking around smiling or at least seeming to smile but broken, shattered to smithereens but keeping on walking as if nothing going on.

Recent conversations have taught me that my journey can help others become more. In some, I was the encourager while in others, I was the encouraged. These conversations didn’t have a set formula rather they evolved from the honesty and vulnerability of the conversation. Some of the questions were so heart rending because they demanded raw honesty that if you weren’t in a space of growth you wouldn’t say anything. The bottom line is, in this season, candid conversations are even more important to keep each one balanced and growing.

Sometimes it was just listening and allowing people to unload the things on their minds in a safe space. Knowing full well that that they are not being judged and will not be judged no matter what and that their stories will not be heard on the streets. Other times it is in sharing the truths learnt, the tears cried, the rants at God and the peace that comes from unloading ones heart. Others it is infusing just the right kind of humour to break the sadness, change the narrative and add life. Finally, there is the deep silence and quiet hangouts that show love, compassion and acceptance.

Sometimes when you have been in a difficult place, you lose connection with your personal worth and value for one reason or another but in a moment of deep conversation you may find that there is value in what you know and what you can say to others. Do not let the struggle you find yourself in dilute your understanding of your value. The path you are on is useful to grow you and then to help others. Your voice when fully developed will change your corner of the world when you allow it to take root.

No matter how insignificant your role, there is a reason it was requested. Your voice is powerful. Use it for good. No experience is insignificant, no voice is valueless. Speak…share the power of your learning. Realise that a lot in your journey can help someone else rise up again, keep walking, hold onto hope, smile again and live free.

You are valuable, share what you learn.


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