By Eri.G

Two faced

Everyone is two faced

Everyone is fake

Everyone always wants it their way


If you have something to say

Say it to my face

If there’s something you’ve been hearing

Shut me up and make me listen

Stop talking behind my back

Stand up and be a man


Stop the group lies

Put an end to the group chats

I honestly thought we had grown

That we were bigger, better than that

That we’ve matured enough to know

It’s time to let this go


The mindless conversations

The constant broken telephone

The senseless way we pass it on

The way no one ever goes to the source


Do we ever just sit back and listen

To all the crap we constantly take in

The edited versions

The ones with the cut out portions

Do we ever really question its quality


We don’t because that’s not what matters

Just as long as we have the tea

No one cares about what’s missing

We all just want the juicy sweet


But the minute the table is turned

Faces shift, some cease

It switches to become,

‘Why you always out for me?’


DEsign by Akiko Stories

Eri.G is an upcoming Kenya writer committed to honest self-expression

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