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A recent trip with the young King to the coast was a game-changer like nothing I have ever known. IT all started with a simple conversation in early December that made the trip an urgent reality. I was scrolling through my Facebook feed and noticed a food post from a friend. I said we are coming to eat, and he said please make sure you come and thus the plan for the visit took shape. The young king mentioned that Christmas is coming up and schools open right after that so if we didn’t go ASAP, we would miss out. So we planned and off we went.

It was the most off the cuff trip I had taken. The plans for the day crystallised in the morning based on conversations or activities of the day before and finalised based on the needed budget and funds at hand. Some days were spent lazily in the pool or on the beach, others were filled with visits, car rides, food tastings and social gatherings.

It also opened so many things for me to learn as I had time outside my normal routine to really process life. This was the first time I have fully stepped out of work in two years, and it was transformational. It reminded me why it is important to reset often to be more effective at everything we do. This season of reflection taught me a few things

Rest: Even though we spend a lot of the year working and running, we just have to find time in the year to rest. Contrary to the thought that rest is only sleeping, it takes different forms. In fact, I recently found an article that explained rest very simply and highlighted the seven kinds of rest that will help us be truly rested and refreshed. I found stillness, deep sleep, time to meditate, and a connection to nature. Let’s make time to rest

Community: No man is an island because refreshment and wholeness truly comes when we feel like we are part of a community. A community can be family but doesn’t have to be family only. I personally found rest in hanging out with dear ones who were interested in knowing my heart and showing me their heart. I made new friends with locals who guided us through different experiences, conversations and laughter. Community brings healing.

Stillness: One of my best experiences was sitting in a warm pool of salty water at the mouth of Kongo River in Diani. I sat there, floating in the waves, sinking my feet in the sand just sipping ‘madafu’. The sun was hot, the wind was cool, the water was gentle near me but waves were rushing in a short distance away. I sat there until my heart stilled, my mind cleared, my spirit settled and I truly began to rest.

Honesty: It is easy to hide and put on a face of all is well and even lie to ourselves, therefore self-honesty has been my greatest realisation. I didn’t have to eat if I’m not hungry or go out if I didn’t want to. The first place of honesty is to myself to accept that something doesn’t resonate. It brought to the surface all the things I have done in the past JUST because it was expected of me. Not happening anymore…I am done.

Self-love: To love oneself is to be aware of who you are, what you need and how to get it. To love self is taking time out to recharge and grow. To love oneself is to be conscious of your boundaries and enforce them.

I have begun the reset. I have begun to listen deeper to my soul and spirit. I have reconnected to my path of growth. I have learnt to choose myself. I have learnt to make time and room for meditation and growth.

The coming year will be pivotal and I am building the reserves I need for the journey. Join me!!! Make your choice, take your place and build along the path you know you should be on.

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