A life beyond your wildest dreams.

Let me tell you what happens when you submit to God’s will and leave everything to Him – and I mean every little detail. When you let Him choose for you, when you yield so that He can grant you the privilege of Him directing your life… Oh my! You end up living a life that is beyond your wildest dreams or expectations.

You end up on adventures, camping out in special places where you discover that leopards and hyenas roam by night!!!! Then you discover that there are black warrior moran angels sent to protect you. Ai God!

You end up on journeys of the mind and the heart and the spirit man that stretch you beyond belief but leave you anticipating the more that God can do. Understanding just how much you had limited Him till now.

You end up with that special person – that mysterious gift sent by God that He uses to tear you out of mindsets and places and spaces that would have kept you limited and bound – and stuck in the mundane.

You end up free and able to see once again – able to take flight, to believe, to trust, to dare… and you climb to the highest heights imaginable.

Oh I thank You God, our precious Father, redeemer and strength for surely You have done amazing and wondrous things. You have become our song, our steadfast rock, our still waters, our all in all.

Chioma Phillips


As I read the piece by Chioma I could not help but wonder if I had really found that kind of trust and belief she is talking about. Though I have believed before, there were so many questions and I didn’t have answers to all of them. For instance

  • Do I trust God absolutely?
  • Do I respond to His word immediately or do I negotiate?
  • Has trust changed my view of God and the world?
  • Is my life becoming proof of my walk with God?
  • Am I committed to remain in the place and posture of growth?
  • Is my walk with God producing daily change?

This is a jarring series of thoughts at the start of the year but what better time to shift deeper?

Join me thinking about this and let’s have some honest conversations.


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Chioma Phillips is the Editor of Msingi Afrika Magazine and the host of Msingi Afrika Television. Her hope is to see the Truth shared, with all who will listen, for the transformation of the people and the continent of Afrika – and the world. She believes passionately in the critical role that Afrika and Afrikans have to play on earth right now and hopes to ignite the spark that will cause them to see and believe who they are, so that they can live out their Truest lives for the remainder of their days.

4 thoughts on “A life beyond your wildest dreams.

  1. Chioma

    I think God makes it easy for us in that He breaks the journey down into bits that are small enough… tiny enough… for us to handle without giving up entirely. I have found that there can be many instances of giving up but that God is so amazing at picking us up when we are in those moments of despair.
    He finds us in the storm. In the pit. In the mire and He gives us a choice along with the strength to say yes to life and blessing instead of death and cursing. That, in itself, is joyous… Then He goes beyond that to show us the beauty of what He painted with our joy, confidence, courage, determination, tears, sorrow, pain, frustration, anger, despair, fear, weakness and weariness… and more.
    That’s where what I wrote came from. That tiny glimpse at the canvas He is still working on that is my life.
    What a joy. What a GOD! He truly is Almighty.
    We all have it in us to confidently trust or tearfully falter, but what matters most is that He is constantly abounding in love, grace and mercy towards us… That He is our very strength in our moments of weakness. Our Rock. Our All in all.
    God bless you Kyesubire. Thank you for sharing this.

    1. kyesubire Post author

      Hahaha…you comment is a trigger for a whole new post my sister. You are right, we can only get the right perspective when we spend time with God Himself…He breaks it down in ways we could never imagine

  2. Tim

    The fact that God has designed our paths as that of a staircase where we have to take one at a time, allows us to trust Him even when we can’t see the entire staircase. If He took us to level one, He will surely take us to level two.

    Its nowonder that David says, the same God who gave me the lion and the bear, will give me this Goliath.

    I want my trust of You Lord, to be without borders.

    Aunt K and Chioma, thank you for this.

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