I Must be prepared


I think about these things sometimes

I wonder if I’ll know love again

I look at my track record

I wonder if I’ll try again

I wonder why I even bother.

I wonder why I yearn for it

I wonder what the future holds

I wonder every day


Then I’m reminded

Love is essential

Connection is mandatory

Communication is pivotal

Touch is critical

Gazes are revelational

The Father works through them


Papa can turn things around

Papa can shift the tide

Papa can heal a heart

Papa can make whole


I must be prepared

I must be secure

I must have a voice

I must be solid in faith

I must connect to purpose

I must have ground to stand on

I must understand relationship

I must understand assignment

I must be on the road to self-actualisation


When he blesses me with a partner

When matters of the heart arise

When the rain falls

When the moon rises

When the sun shines

When the night falls

When the day breaks

When life comes forth…

I must be ready


I am preparing to live fully

I am preparing to love deeply

I am preparing to be different

The lessons of my journey apply

All facets of life matter

Prepared beats attempting to prepare.

Knowing the way makes a whale of a difference.


Preparing to live is like preparing for war.

Soldiers practice and practice and practice

They practice for the day they’ll have to fight

They practice for the night they have to overcome

They practice for the load they must carry

They practice for the partner they must travel with

They practice as if their life depends on it

They practice because their life & success depends on it


Then the day comes

Because the day will come

When the day comes, they’re ready.

Even if it seems like it’ll never come,

They still prepare and practice.

Life is no different,

Preparation is key

The journey is important

So I’m off to prepare

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