I’ll be kinder

Have you ever met someone who changes your perspective in a blink? Someone who with a few words shows you the truth of who you are? I met someone just like that a while back and life as I knew it changed. Connecting the dots is sometimes really hard especially when you have lived in that situation for so long. Let me explain…

Say you were raised in a toxic family, you never know until you meet non-toxic people. As I listened to the conversations around me I begun to see pockets of madness that I had never seen before. The clincher was a burst of easily triggered and uncontrollable pain. It all started when an elder I respected said things I didn’t like about people who weren’t there and could not defend themselves. Why was he judging them? The people in question made choices he thought they shouldn’t because they should have known better about.

That was my light bulb moment…we often judge people without knowing the truth.

How many times have you judged something someone did without knowing the full details? How many times do you catch feelings of things said? How often do you say something, and someone catches feelings, and you cannot see why?

Our responses to life are usually driven from our past experiences and conditioning so when people respond in seemingly strange ways, let us cut them some slack and try and understand why. I have said this before but it has come up again because I realised that I too have judged people based on my standards and not on their lives and their conditioning.

If I have been unkind or indifferent to you, please accept my apology. If I have ignored you, please accept my apology. I did not intend to hurt you…I was just responding from what I know without reference to what you know.

I will do my best to be king from now on.

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