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Diversity camouflaged

I saw this flower in the middle of the green and it intrigued me totally. I simply saw a flash of hot pink aka fuchsia in the middle of no where and very hidden in the garden of a client’s premises. I had to go up to the flower bed and reach down to move a couple of leaves to make way for this little one hidden in the middle of nowhere. Once done the beauty of the contrasting colours was totally astounding.

As I look at it right now I am reminded that we are all different and we all make up a very important part of life for God and He is the one who knows why we are different. The life and diversity brought by each of us is so amazing that we are important wherever we are and with whoever we are with.

I am challenged to stand up and be counted for being me and not try to be like others. I look forward for the master gardener to reach down and move the leaves that are currently in the way of my total revelation to the world. That day of revelation when the diversity will come out of the camouflage is closer everyday and I choose not to lose hope in the midst of diversity because if I do then I will remain hidden and not attain my God given purpose.