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Living It Out From Here To There: 1

Picture courtesy of Billy Sketchmaster Mugambi https://www.facebook.com/SketchmasterB?fref=ts

Picture courtesy of Billy Sketchmaster Mugambi

In the last few months I have had a refresher course to really understand how God is at work in me. God has always been at work in me but I have rarely kept as close tabs on it as I have done off late. A door has been flung open and I have been allowed to understand things I never really realised were there.

This morning as I walked back home after taking my son to school, I was reminded of a message I heard a while back. The crux of it was this: “Each one of us must be able to track our lives from the day we really met God. There is a story to each life that has to be told and lived out. There is also a scripture that undergirds each of our lives. Do you know yours? Each of us lives out a covenant with God that operates in a certain way, do you know yours?”  When I say really met God, I mean that day when even though you may have been a believer for a long time, there was a day when many things suddenly made greater sense and you had a deeper connection to and with God.

This message because was reinforced in a conversation about a post I shared on FB last Saturday. This is what I posted:

Life has been challenged on so many fronts this year but the greatest one has and continues to be the value of my life…Over the last few weeks I’ve talked a lot about Judy Niemeyer and the Impact she had on me especially her last days.

Picture courtesy of Billy Sketchmaster Mugambi https://www.facebook.com/SketchmasterB?fref=ts

Picture courtesy of Billy Sketchmaster Mugambi

Today was another of those moments. We were at a memorial for someone else today and a couple of things stood out…

  1. The value of my connection to people may or may not be missed based on how deeply my life touched them.
  2. People understand love in different ways based on who they are. For some its finances, others time, and others physical contact and still others conversations…the question is do I know the languages of those around and do I connect with them as such?
  3. There is a gem in me that needs to be let out that all who need what I have get it on time. This pouring out also helps me because as I pour out I leave space for others to pour into me and their destiny is tied to pouring out into me.

The teary part for me is the realisation the extent to which the destiny of others is tied to the unfolding of mine. At the memorial I heard story after story of a life well lived, hearts and lives changed, and I wondered how to live my life better every day.#IntentionalLiving

Remember the #2015Tears are happy tears because they celebrate how far we have come…

A life well lived out is one that is so many things. It is productive, full of impact, an expression of God, a connection to love, compassion, grace and understanding. It is alive, vibrant, free, connected, colourful and graceful. It is full of faith, grace, wisdom, truth, honesty, understanding, giving and contentment. A life lived out well is one that is based on the script God the Creator wrote for this particular vessel.

It has been said over and over that there’s no standard script for all our lives. There are however, individual scripts for each of us based on who God created us to be, who He know we are and what He knows we have to pass through to become all He has desired or us to be. That said, each of us must find a way to connect to their path and walk it out fully.

A life well lived is the pouring out of the gem that is in me into the appointed people and following my instruction from God.

Picture courtesy of Billy Sketchmaster Mugambi https://www.facebook.com/SketchmasterB?fref=ts

Picture courtesy of Billy Sketchmaster Mugambi

It is about rising to the peak of who I am in Christ whatever that may be. If I am set to be influential in the corporate world, business world, local food market, in a public vehicle, on the street, I must rise to be all I need to be, where I need to be and when I need to be. It means that I must find my place in Christ and be content with it even when it leads me down a road I wouldn’t have gone by my own choice because that road will open doors I would never have reached. It is finding joy, peace and grace along the path I am destined to walk, with those I am destined to walk with. It is saying only what I really need to say and no more. It is doing only what I need to do to the very best of my abilities regardless of the cost. It is to showcase God in all His fullness through my life.

Are you truly living it out from here to there? Are you on the way to becoming a #LivingEpistle? Are you confident of the call on your life and the road you are travelling? Remember, a life lived out is of great joy to our Father in Heaven.

Let’s live out our lives every day.