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There’s a word I have known all my life but it has taken on a new meaning off late. What word? Delightful.

Have you known a word before then someone says it and a new perspective bursts forth? If so, you will understand what I am saying but let me not assume you do.

In a couple of conversations with friends, one of us was describing the joy of deep honest friendship and conversation over a long period of time and he said it is so delightful. That word caught my attention because it is a little rare in my circle for a guy to use it.

There was something in the way he said it, soft and light, the expression on his face and the smile in his voice. If you weren’t watching him, you would have heard the deep joy the person he was talking about brings to him. It was clear that they have such a deep connection that helps both of them adjust to one another even when they are fighting. You could only watch them together as they bicker and tease each other to see and feel the depth, warmth and honesty of the relationship within.

In a subsequent conversation with him, he used delightful again in reference to her in a way that showed me more about him as a person than I could ever have understood any other way.

Delightful from his perspective was such an intense definition.

  • Delightful is a place of pure enjoyment of the other person because you realise they are special and appointed by God to interact with you in this season and help you come to the full reality of who you are.
  • Delightful is the warmth and comfort of knowing you are in this together and will push each other to bring forth the beauty of the relationship no matter the fights and challenges around.
  • Delightful is honest conversations about failings and winnings, knowing you will not be judged or put aside only pushed deeper into purpose.
  • Delightful is knowing you are in this together to know God deeper and rise to the fullness of His plan no matter what.
  • Delightful is the commitment to be friends always, honest every day, concerned in every breath, connected at the spirit level and diligent no matter what.

When he said the word delightful in reference to her, you knew they had tapped into something many of us don’t know but long to understand and only God could have opened that level of connection.

Photo by Karolina Grabowska on Pexels.com