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Can anything good come out of Galilee?

I have been reading in the book of John and it is very interesting. First of all the scripture has come alive for me like never before because the frantic pace of my life has finally stopped and I am ready to stop and concentrate. Second I have learnt to be still and know the Jehovah is God and he knows.

It is interesting that the people from Galilee did not receive Christ because they knew his parents, sisters and brothers and they even knew the home he grew up in the carpentry shed where he worked. Some of them saw him in the temple as a child with a dirty nose while others watched him when he played in the street with his friends. Yet they all forgot the twelve-year-old who spoke and understood the word so well that the teachers of the law marvelled about him. They were conditioned to believe that life was only right when lived by the laws of Moses yet Christ had come to change the map of life to be lived by relationship. In the end their mental presuppositions bound them and made them less effective in real life while puffed them up with pride in the face of the others.

They got stuck on the point that nothing had yet come out of Galilee that was of significance. Yet God in his wisdom had chosen this seemingly obscure place to begin something new. Remember Christ was indeed born in Bethlehem but they fled the wrath of Herod. Remember too that his father was a descendant of David and he was pre-selected to do this work of God. When the Pharisees were talking they chose not to look back into the history of this amazing man to see the correlation with the plan of the almighty God. Well maybe not forgot but they were so set in their ways and blinded that they could not see correlations.

In many instances, the same happens to us when we are entering a new season. We are full of wonder, doubt and cynicism of whether or not we will succeed in this new walk. How will we make it through? Who will be with us? The list is endless. In reality the greatest sources of this doubt and cynicism is our families and ourselves and we hinder the move of God. You see, those closest to us know us and what we are capable of and how much or little we can and have done based on our past experiences. We on the other hand know what we are currently working through and may so doubt that we will conquer these inner struggles and make it to the other side alive and unscathed.

I am so keenly aware of this place because I have been there many times. God has declared certain things over my life and I am not sure I know how they will come to pass because currently I am nowhere near where I should be. Worse still my life seems to be taking a turn for the worse and I am in the midst of fighting the biggest giants in my life…or so it seems. When you look at me I may not seem any different from the next person but I must assure you that I am and I am clinging to the belief that what He has said about me is who I should be.

Recently a man of God put it so well when he said “We get so stuck in “what is and was” and forget that our focus should be on “the is to come”.” I am a work in progress and even if I fall flat on my face every day as I walk the road that has been set out for me I WILL continue to run with perseverance the race mapped out for me. It is not where I am or where I have come from. It is not who I know or who I walk with. Galilee may be the place I was born but it is not the place I am destined to be forever. My birthplace defined me for a while but now I am defined by the new plan that Jehovah has handed me. I am not bound by what you think of me or where I was born. I have been set free to see myself as my Father and Creator sees me and that is becoming enough for me. What other people think and where I have come from are only as important as an example but it need not tie me down or make me feel inadequate. This is not a sprint but a marathon. It is in the daily commitment to be faithful and obey that I will reap the benefits of my walk with my Father.

Therefore I will daily seek the face of Jehovah and connect with his image and his image of me so that when I get to the business of the day I know who’s I am and who I am and the rest will toe the line. I will be able to overcome days when things are quiet and seem to be going nowhere by human standards because these are the times he wants me to focus on him.

I am called up to a higher dimension that walks exclusively with my hand in the hand of my Maker and the other in the hand of the brother or sister assigned to me for the moment. I will not force anyone to walk with me no matter how much I love them. Rather I would hope that as I walk they see in me and the joy that is inherent and thereof be attracted to the same place I am and help them seek God.

 I pray that we will be on the same road…I love my Lord and Father, how about you?

 Let the amen’s resound.