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Can you #Dare2Dream? I have ;-)

This has become one of the greatest challenges set before me in a long time. Challenge but loving the walk to the direction of my dreams.

#Dare2Dream was birthed from a daring challenge from God to do more with what He has blessed me with for His honour and glory. Initially I thought I was doing a lot but clearly there is always room for greater #dreams and more progress.

So off I went about it with my usual gusto (for those who know me well, I have lots of gusto when fired up…often unstoppable) and it has been a great walk of faith. You see every time I felt I had it all under control, I was hit by one thing or blind-sided by something bigger and greater than me. In each instance (and the instances have been pretty frequent) I have stopped and accepted that I am not the author and prefector of this project.

I realise now (heheheheehe yes just now) that I need to be the first partaker of the vision before I can effectively share it with anyone…So clearly it is now a reality for me.

You see, I have indeed taken #Dare2Dream personally and I am now really #dreaming…when awake and asleep…it is like a tide has burst open and the dreams have been reborn and are overflowing. I am also breaking it all down into clear and practical steps then applying the steps to the dream…At times the hardest part is to break it down and keep it going when we are tired or progress is slow (at least slow in our eyes). All the same I have kept walking and I believe it is well.

Come and let’s compare notes on our progress on Saturday 10th August 2013 at Kingdom Business Network…just send an email to voice@divinevox.com and we’ll get back to you.

Be blessed and join us as we #Dare2Dream.