The Simple Life

Psalms 23

The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not [a]want.
He makes me to lie down in [b]green pastures;
He leads me beside the [c]still waters.
He restores my soul;
He leads me in the paths of righteousness

For His name’s sake.

Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death,
I will fear no evil; For You are with me;
Your rod and Your staff, they comfort me.

You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies;
You anoint my head with oil; My cup runs over.
Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me
All the days of my life;

And I will [d]dwell in the house of the Lord [e]Forever.

Psalm 23 (NKJV)

The Simple Life

Saying Thank You

I have been working on a project that has just ended and it was a great success. It was a social event needing lots of coordination and many community touch points but the most critical one was the police. We had a great time and they did a good job to the extent that the OCS was on the road manning traffic for us (well, manning his team). Afterwards I went back to the station to say thank you. First to him and then to the office team.

Now, many wondered why I bothered going back to say thanks for something that the officers are paid to do. Well, it is simple. I am learning to be grateful for things and to express my gratitude openly and to the right people. I could sit in home, in the review meeting and other fora and talk about the great help the police gave me and they never hear it; or I could drive back there and say thank you and allow them for one moment to feel appreciated before they did back into their hard work.

In my visits to the police station, they were several, I realised just how human they are and how hard their work is. It isn’t easy being stone faced with a parent begging you to release their child who you have found with contraband and need to take to court. It isn’t easy watching a mother hear how her child died by hit and run. It isn’t easy to watch a father’s hope die as he listens to the vile words cursing him from the mouth of a child. It is even scarier to see the realities of the criminal nature of your locality and still raise your child in that locality. There is also another hard work they do. Their shifts are extensively long especially when they are short staffed.

I realised there are many people I need to consciously say thank you to more often whether others do or not. Housekeepers, bus conductors, matatu drivers, motorbike riders, cleaners, security guards, county council parking attendants, ticketing agents, servers in hotels, and maybe a few more I don’t remember right now. Many may disagree with me but I have come to understand that no matter ones profession, we are all people and we would all appreciate some gratitude for the work we do.

If I thank you for a job done warms my heart even if I am paid to do the task, won’t it also the warm the heart of another. It is in the simple things that the world will go around.

12 Therefore, whatever you want men to do to you, do also to them, for this is the Law and the Prophets.

Matthew 7:12 (NKJV)

31 And just as you want men to do to you, you also do to them likewise.

Luke 6:31 (NKJV)

The Simple Life

She Is

Her faith wasn’t always sure
Her heart was broken in pieces
Her spirit was shattered
Her soul was wounded


Her smile was tremulous
Her eyes full of tears
Her hands were shaking
Her feet were stumbling


Then it happened


HE found her
HE picked her up
HE held her close
HE loved her


HE reminded her of His Word
HE reconnected her to Himself
HE restored her joy
HE became her strength




She is beautiful
She is breathtaking
She is resplendent
She is radiant


She is resilient
She is tenacious
She is strong
She is reliable


She is loved
She is protected
She is established
She is appointed


She is the apple of HIS eye
She is a tool in HIS hand
She is HIS hope to the nations


She is proof of grace
She is a sign of mercy
She is a tool of love



The Simple Life

Now You Know The Truth

I was the most unlikely to be weary

Because I hid it well

I was the least likely to be uncertain

Because I hid it well


I was the least likely to be sad

Because I hid it well

I was the least likely to be insecure

Because I hid it well


My smile was bright

My confidence was high

My laughter was full

Or so you thought


My life was working

My home was thriving

My future was certain

Or so you thought


Then you found me bent over in the street

Tears flowing down my face unbidden

Pain radiating from every part of me

Now you can see the truth


You read my message and wondered

You realised it was a cover

You prodded and asked about

Now you know the truth


You were shocked by the depth of my hurt

You were shaken by the intensity of my pain

You were astounded by the length of time

Now you know the truth


You only saw it because you stopped

You only saw it because you didn’t walk by

You only saw it because you cared

Now you can see the truth


You only understood because I shared

You only gained insight because I couldn’t hold on

You only gained access because it was time

Now you can see the truth


You never judged or shook your head

You showed your shock without judgement

You held your tears so I wouldn’t cry

Now you know the truth


The truth is ugly

The truth is painful

The truth is beautiful

The truth is shared in safe places.

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The Simple Life

Aligning My Inner Rudder

The Father says today,

Trust Me to act in your life on My terms and in My timing. I do not have any contingency plan for your life. I am not offering any consolation prizes for “Plan B.” Do not rationalize away your blessing. I will never be late, and I will not arrive with partial answers or diluted solutions.

The enemy has predicted your failure because you are not perfect. He mocks your hopes because you failed to do everything right.

I took the imperfection of your humanity into account when I crafted your destiny, says the Father. I do not look at performance, but at a heart perfected under My hand.

This is the hour, and this is the day and season of your deliverance. Trust Me and step forward to your victory.


I have had a lot on my plate recently and very often I couldn’t see the way ahead or felt like things were failing.

In one memorable instance, I was feeling the pressure of deadlines of an assignment and the need to deliver certain outcomes for the same. I was so stressed out that I kept waking up with panic attacks because the day of completion was at hand and I couldn’t see the results I wanted J and the pressure for success was intense beyond measure.

As usual I sat with Papa G. I was feeling down and wondering how this will work when He took me back to the reason I begun working on the assignment in the first place. You see, even before I accepted the assignment, He and I had a very clear plan of what my involvement was to produce as the base of assessment. This plan took into account who I am and what my life has to produce each time. Truth be told, I had lost sight of this agreement and was off track from our evaluation matrix. Then the reality hit me…

If my inner rudder is off track my life will not produce the right fruit; hence the inner discomfort I was in.

It all sounds simple enough and indeed it was because as soon as I recommitted my focus to the first agreement, I was rested, more articulate and stronger to decline assignments that would take me off track. Re-alignment meant being clear with the team about what I would be committed to and what I wouldn’t touch. I meant daily committing myself to the things I needed to be focused on and leave the rest to fall in place. The results were amazing.

  • I learnt who to lean on and who to avoid.
  • I learnt where to put my energy and who to let do other areas.
  • I learnt to breath deep, receive instruction, process and assign.
  • I learnt that I don’t have to deal with everything that comes my way.
  • I learnt that if I delegate a task with responsibility, the team member will rise and do it well.
  • I learnt that we can adjust the course along the way to deal with rising situations.
  • I learnt that if God has ordained a path for me, I can depend on Him to deliver it as I do my part.

The bottom line is that things realigned and the assignment was a resounding success as was my current learning curve. I love this God of the impossible.

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The Simple Life

Heal Child of God

Nobody’s perfect or impervious to life’s lessons.

I hope the new journey you’re on helps bring more stuff to light so you can deal with them conclusively.

I’m sure it’s tough being in places you’ve never been before, new discoveries, pain, broken moments, weakness, etc.

Heal child of God, heal!

The strength you SEEK is only found in our Father.

You lean on Him for instructions and direction on all manner of things.

Let this season be one of those He helps you through.

Stand strong and mention each area one by one and watch Him work.

He is enough, He is able, He is true

You can count on Him, you really can

You are beloved so draw near in confidence

Grow in faith, hope and love

Hold onto His Hope and arise

The Simple Life

Nope just another human.

I wasn’t better than any of them
I had fallen, I was covered in shame
I had brought disgrace to Papa
I had faltered before
But He said
Nope you’re just another human on the journey of life.

I was seething with anger
Angry beyond comprehension
Disappointed out of my eyeballs
Demanding another’s punishment
But He said
Nope they’re just another human on the journey of life.

He reminded me of His unfailing love
He reminded me how He forgives me
He recalled my past madness
He uncovered my new heart
He said
Nope you’re just another human on the journey of life.

She smiled happy that I helped
Astounded that I saw her
Feeling indebted to me
Grateful beyond words
I said
Nope I’m just another human on the journey of life.

He smiled sheepishly
Knowing he was covered
Never to be exposed again
Grateful beyond words
I said
Nope I’m just another human on the journey of life.

She looked at me expecting it
Looking into my eyes
Fully expecting judgement
Scared out of her mind
I said
Nope I’m just another human on the journey of life.

He saw me watching him
Staring like a brazen idiot
Seeing him in all his glory and shame
Fully expecting to be shunned
I said
Nope I’m just another human on the journey of life.

I am a product of His love
I am the result of His forgiveness
I am the proof of His grace
I am the the evidence is His hope
I say
I am His beloved, His joy, His desired outcome