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Finding Your Way

Moses and Joshua were quite a team. History and scripture have Joshua seated outside the tent every time Moses went in to meet God. Later on he is one of the two spies who really saw and understood the ways of God. Joshua had access to an example of a new and deeper expression of walking with God.

In Egypt the people had become lax and doubtful on their faith because of the times there had been and were still in. they had gotten used to keeping quiet, dumbing down and living under the radar to survive. They obeyed without question and followed orders to an increasingly brutal regime driven by fear. What did the Egyptians fear? The growing numbers of the Israelites and the blessedness they lived under. They feared that they would become more powerful and then turn the tables. Anyway, that is not my direction today.

In the midst of these circumstances, many of the Israelites lost the reality fo the wound of God’s voice. He had been seemingly silent for hundreds of years so many didn’t even understand or know the reality o that voice, yet Joshua domehow remained aware of the existence of the God who brought them into Egypt.

When he interacted with Moses, it revived his belief when he saw the expression of Moses life. This expression of a life of faith by Moses spoke to and awakened a desire seated deeply within Joshua for more. Moses has a confidence in this scary God, who did insane miracles and his curiosity was piqued.

Joshua followed Moses closely and watched keenly, eyes propped open that he wont miss anything. He drew as close as he dared, outside the tent, and stayed there watching, listening, dreaming and desiring. It wasn’t his curiosity that kept him there…no; it was the voice of God at work in him that kept him there. He watched Moses go before Pharaoh and eventually by the miracles of God and this gave him the confidence in God.

At the battle with Amalek, Joshua led the fighting men in the valley while Moses oversaw from the hill, arms raised. As long as Moses’ arms were raised, the army of Israel won but when they dropped, Amalek gained ground. Moses and Hur were standing with Moses and when they noticed he was tired, they got him a stone to sit and they held up his hands for him because they had seen the pattern unfolding below. This secured the win for Israel and Joshua with his fighting men gained ground.

It is easy to read these Bible stories and just walk away but recently things have been jumping off the pages into my view. Several things stand out for me like never before in

  1. Know your God: Who do you believe? Moses and Joshua were certain who they believed, his abilities and pathway.
  2. Know thyself: who are you in God? What are your gifts, assignments and position?
  3. Take your position and stand firm: Each one has a role to play…a very important role that affects the generations to come. Find the role you fit into of the following positions. Each position has very specific training and preparation requirements as well as responsibilities that cannot be avoided. They also have differing levels of respect especially from the outward perception but none can be taken lightly as they contribute to the success of the whole picture
    • Leader: Moses – He spent extended time with God to understand God’s heart for his people, assessing the needs of the people and seeking ways to build and raise the people to the godly standards required.
    • Assistants: Aaron and Hur – They spent time with Moses and understood the word God has spoken to him. Their role was to stand over the word of God and ensure that everything needed to keep it on track would be done.
    • Advisors: the Judges – They lightened Moses load as the people were many but they were men who knew God and walked with him in a clear and tangible way, wise in counsel and gracious leaders.
    • Battle captain: Joshua – He understood the heart of God for the season and stood confident to defend that word with his life. He led the fighting men to the heart of the defence of that word.
    • Fighting men: the army – They are the boots on the ground, they understand their mandate. The armies protect the borders of the land and ensure that nothing is lost.
    • The masses: the people – A united people is the best tool of growth and influence. This is the largest group of the people because too many aren’t inspired enough to rise because rising demands more work and focus.  

When each one took their place the whole team won!!!

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The Simple Life

It’s all Process

You didn’t ever say it would be easy

We just assumed it would be

You didn’t say there’d be no challenges

We just assumed it would be


You didn’t promise a smooth path

We just assumed it would be

You didn’t promise


You didn’t promise only sunshine

We just assumed it would be

You didn’t say the rain wouldn’t come

We just assumed it would be


We assumed our lives were set in ease

We assumed the challenges would leave

We assumed everything would just flow

We assumed it because you are God


You promised success

You promised progress

You promised winingh

That comes from process


You promised impact

You promised value

You promised influence

That comes from process


You promised joy

You promised peace

You promised grace

That comes from process


You promised and delivered

You opened the pathways

You connected us to people

To ensure the full process


Process a defined path

Process is a set of lessons

Process is honest relationships

Process is the way to your heart


Process, process, process

Process is the only way

Process is the best classroom

Process is the way to your word


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The Simple Life

Push Deeper Daily

The other evening, my brother D came to see me; he has a gift of showing up when I need a deep conversation, a hug and love. We had a conversation and he brought insight I knew but didn’t want to see in the midst of the questions and day.

I had been dealing with different realities that were frustrating me. You know how there are things you know in your heart and spirit that have to be but they aren’t even beginning to happen? There is a picture of the person God has said you are but it is taking too long to happen? What is standing in the way of all the realities God has told me are possible? Those are the things I have been wrestling with.

In true D fashion, he began breaking down all the questions I was asking with examples of others walking the same kind of road and asking the same questions but also tracking growth in phenomenal ways. He tracked through scripture stories of people who really walked with God and how none of their lives was challenging. I smiled because I had just shared something similar with a few people less than ten days ago and I had forgotten.

Everyone God is at work with in this season is going through a lot as part of the preparation process. God is more interested in the process because that is how the lessons and changes become permanent…lifestyle. The only thing that beats darkness and cannot be tainted is true love and that is only found in the arms of God.

Let me try and clarify. How can I say I love you when my love is conditioned by how you treat me? How can I say I love men when there are people who are unlovable because of their behaviour? How can deal with you in honest love when I will need to tell you the truth of who I am and allow you to tell me your truth and not judge but accept you as a person as we both deal with all the hidden parts of ourselves.

As hard as it may seem everything I feel right now must push me deeper and deeper into God. I have a measure of understanding that makes the journey today a little easier. Am I happy and over the moon? Not yet but I am walking towards it.

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The Simple Life

You Left With A Piece Of Me Left

You were tall, actually towering
So wide you filled the doorway
With a brilliant smile and a cheeky laugh
A smooth bald head on top
A thin line of hair along the edge

Your eyes missed nothing
Your ears heard everything
Your arms caught all of us
Your feet moved purposefully
Nothing was outside your reach

You demanded our best and no less
Best grades possible
Best behaviour & manners
Best smiles & laughter
Best experiences

Every moment with you was class
Walking through the farm
Shaking the mango tree
Checking on the animals
Walking down the road

The adults watched in awe as you played with us
You were stern with them but laughed with us
You were serious then suddenly chasing us round the house
Sitting still then tickling the life out is us
Loving all 28 little ones with abandon

You reminded me many things:
To read hard and do well in school
To serve God with diligence
To be faithful in all I do
To look out and help others always

I never thought you’d leave so soon
I expected you to live until I grew up
I hoped you’d meet the next generation
I prayed you’d last for a long, long time
But alas…it wasn’t to be

You stayed as long as you could
You were strong as long as possible
You prepared us as best as you knew
You put things in place in advance
You prayed for us to the end

One day, smiling with your doctor
Telling him you are ok
Settled comfortably in your bed
All things settled and organised
You slipped off to sleep never to awake here

I think of you a lot grandpa
More now that I have a growing king
More now that the community has grown
More now that the last of your generation is gone
I think of you a lot

You saw me, really saw me
You loved me, faults and all
You pushed me, to be my best
You blessed me, so richly
You laid the foundation.

I bless God for you
I celebrate you in me
I challenge myself to be more
I remember your words of hope
I stand on your shoulders

I am because you were
I know because you shared
I stand because you knelt
I walk because you laid the foundation
I stand on your shoulders

The Simple Life

Hope In God

Why are you cast down, O my soul?
And why are you disquieted within me?
Hope in God;
For I shall yet praise Him,
The [b]help of my countenance and my God.

Psalms 43:5


Every time I think about walking this way, I smile as well as blink back the tears. It is easy to look at people and think that all is well but is it? Do we understand our place in each other’s lives well enough to really hear from God what they need? Are we positioned with God that he can send us out as His hands and feet.

I think David was wondering why he was in the heart of God’s plan yet he was sad and low right there. Can you imagine the intensity of the wondering? God called David a man after his own heart yet David still had low moments and downward spirals. I often imagine David sitting around the fire in the evening with his men, praising and workshiping as they sought direction from God on the way forward. 1st and 2nd Samuel has many references to David inquiring of the Lord. He did it before battle, he did it for strategy, he did it to remain connected with his Maker.

So what was happening when he wrote verse 5 of Psalms 43? He was going through trouble.

He was downcast and sad, he was disheartened and disquieted, he wasn’t in his usual mood. David takes a moment to acknowledge the state of his heart and mind. He stops moving to look within and identify what is actually happening. He called it by name and dealt with it by name. He called it downcast and disquiet and I like to say looked at it in the face without allowing it to destroy him.

The thing many of us find challenging is to be in the middle of challenging circumstances and still believe that God is good.

David’s young life was challenging but he remained true. He was the youngest brother with much older brothers, and you know what that meant. I mentioned before that he was anointed but went back to feeding sheep and fighting bears, he came to palace as a musician, a servant, the king tried to pin him to the wall with a javelin and when he joined the army and had more victory than Saul, his life was once again in danger. He fled to the Philistines but they too doubted him and sent him back home only to find this people raided.

Later he finally ascended to the throne but it wasn’t smooth either. His best friend died for him to ascend and even if it was the word of God, it hurt to see Jonathan dead. He led the people to victory and established the rule of God but he also did some very foolish things. He failed, stole, killed, envied, yet God sent him reminders to course correct every time and he did. These are the processes that taught him that indeed God is supreme  and reliable. This process taught him that God doesn’t change ever.

When he was down, David took charge of himself and spoke to his spirit, ‘Hope in God;’

  • He meant believe in the Lord, the one who thought about you, created your essence, found your place in life and positioned you there to achieve a set end for Him.
  • He meant, trust the word spoken over your life and stand on the promise of that word no matter what.
  • He meant sing praise and live out praise, raise an altar of praise with your life and allow God’s joy to fill you and become your strength.
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You Take My Breath Away

I saw you from the corner of my eye
Sitting in the corner as if to see everyone
Watching as if you weren’t
Cataloging as one making a list
Unassuming yet assuming nothing

What did you smell like?
What colour were your eyes?
What rate was the heart beat?
Were you really that calm?
Unassuming yet assuming nothing

Your voice is a deep rumble
Your laugh is a series of low notes
Your smile is broad and radiant
Your eyes like liquid dark chocolate
Unassuming yet assuming nothing

I stopped watching you but not sensing
I looked away but knew your every move
I watched others even as you watched me
I strained to hear your voice as you dropped it
Unassuming yet assuming nothing

Excuse me ma’am, you said standing beside me
At once I knew that voice, the one I’d been tracking
I wondered if you know you are beautiful
I thought you should know I admire you
Unassuming yet assuming nothing

I couldn’t believe it was you
My tongue was weighted like lead
My eyes blinking in disbelief
The tears filled my eyes threatening to flow
Yet you are unassuming and assuming nothing

It is you! You exclaimed almost in disbelief
Yes it is! I replied softly, timidly
I was coming to ask if you were related to someone I knew
I smiled, stilling the tears that threatened
Willing them away, hoping it’d work but alas

You caught the first tear as it fell
Extended your hand and pulled me to my feet
In a blink your shirt became the sponge
The recipient of tears I couldn’t control
The shoulder you had always promised

Right there, in front of the world
I lost the tight grip on my emotions
I lost control of my composure
I lost command of my heart
I gained a lesson in friendship

Unashamed by my public outburst
You let a weary soul find release
You shielded me from prying eyes
You became the servant of God to one in need
I couldn’t say thank you enough

I didn’t even know I would break that day
I wouldn’t have guessed I was close to the brink
I was unprepared for such an outburst
Yet my Father knew and positioned you
I bless my Papa who sent you my way

You take my breath away because
Your heart is still gentle even after so much trouble
Your love for & connection to God remains strong
Your obedience to Papa is unquestionable
You are His devoted servant for all your days


The Simple Life

When The Road Shifts

I wasn’t feeling too well and asked a couple of people for prayer as I’d been in bed all day and could hardly speak. Afterwards, I asked myself why I reached out…did I honestly want prayer or was I seeking the high of people thinking about me? On the surface it looked like a simple call for prayer but was my heart really being honest?

This Father of mine is the most amazing. As most responded with get well wishes and said they were praying, one of my beloved brothers simply said, “You are fine and you will speak when there are words to be spoken.” Crazy? Today I say no but in the past it would have been crazy.

I should have pressed in with God to understand His reasons for allowing me to be bed bound and weakened. I should have asked about how the silence and the earache would increase my understanding of Him and His call on my life.

You see, just two days ago, I was sharing that everything in our lives MUST bring God glory yet here I was feeling sorry for myself because I was suddenly unwell. Where had my faith and trust gone?

Where God inhabits, everything contrary to His nature is consumed. So this sickness is but another opportunity to course correct my understanding and focus in line with the plan of God at work in me.

May His praises fill my heart till it overflows.