Monthly Archives: May 2011

Trimmed to size

That experience was utterly out of our league of expectation but then God was in control so what did we expect? It was a mind-blowing two weeks with work like I hadn’t seen in a while. We needed to do a lot of compilation and the people we had interviewed and earmarked for help has to cancel at the 11th hour.

I must admit that I was actually getting stressed about it but realized that stressing would not change the fact that work needed to be done all the same. So I sat back and asked God to take charge and remind me that He is the one in charge and it is His will that I was out to do and I had peace in a sec. There were still challenges but we had a great experience and a lot of learning.

My greatest lesson though was that I have to allow Him to select the team He wants me to work with because He is the one who begun my business anyway and if I try to change the game plan it will all blow up in my face.

There were times during the week where He reminded me that I was operating outside my area of blessing for the week and that I needed to step back and allow my team to be effective as He appointed for them to be. When I stepped back I would realize that at that particular moment I was the hindrance to the smooth operations and if I even went and sat in another room all would work better than if I was there micromanaging people. The inability to allow people to be independent had somehow crept back and I was goofing God’s plan.

Recently in a fellowship it all became clear…1 Cor 12 talks about us being one body in Christ and how we are many parts with different roles and each role is important where it is. Some parts are hidden from view because of modesty and others are exposed otherwise they cannot be fully functional. I realized that if I wanted to be in front and do everything I was trying to be all body parts yet my place is one of leadership and encouragement. How then can I be hand, brain, mouth, feet and eyes all in one? Utterly impossible!

Trying to be everything in that situation made me ineffective and affected the ability of my team to deliver a good product albeit for the few moments it was like that. So I got thinking, how often is it that I stand in the way of what God wants to do in and around me because of my perception of what I need to do and how I need to be perceived. Even as I stepped back and allowed my team to be all they could be my client did not forget my existence but realized that we are a true team and loved the experience even more.

I learnt two critical things here:

a. I must know my place in the heart of God and realize that he loves me no matter what then I will be free to be me and achieve even more than I ever anticipated.

b. I must know and accept my place in the body of Christ and at my place of work then I will be effective and attain the destiny that sent me here on earth.

I know there are others who have been or are where I was at and I know that there is still a lot to learn. The thing I carry with me at this point is that if I try to do things I am not meant to be doing they will back fire on me and cause problems for those around me. I must learn to be all I can be and attain the marks set out for me and the next level of growth and responsibility will come. Knowing Him more will bring me to the right view of life and position and increase my level of excellence in all I do.

Stay on task and on track and the rewards will be amazing.

When it all changes….then what?

My plan for the day was to have a nice quiet Sunday, rest and do homework with my son…however that was not to be. My niece had woken up with a bad headache for a third day running and so we agreed to get a medical opinion. It was the beginning of a roller coaster ride. We went from check up for blood pressure admission to control blood pressure to emergency section in three hours. The parameters of assessment changed and we had to adjust regardless of how we felt.

As I was thinking about the whole experience again, it came to mind that this is the same premise that our walk with God operates on. This is platform God wants to deal with us on a day to day basis. Ok, let me break it down a little bit. Say he tells me to leave a relationship that has been very important to my survival so far and trust him to meet my needs totally how long will it take me to respond? A day maybe more? Probably more as I ‘weigh’ the consequences of the move. So let’s say that I now believe it is worth it and that I become obedient and begin to leave the relationship and there is a major fallout so that I lose my sense of stability and the comfort I had and I find that I cannot count on the same people I used to the extent I used to. Will I still walk in his will and way? Mmmmh.

I am reminded of the disciples in the boat when the storm came upon them. They were used to Jesus being in the forefront doing the miracles and astounding them each time yet in the two storm instances he did something different. In one of them he was asleep and the other he was not even there. What was their reaction? They were so terrified and they lost the connection they had to the reality of what Jesus could do. At just the right time, Jesus showed up and stilled the waters and their faith was restored. Then he took time to comfort them and teach them more about himself.

Do the challenges and shocks around you shake your faith? When things happen differently do you wonder where God is and what he is doing about it? I know often I am shaken even if it is only for a few moments and many times I am ashamed to admit it. My heart’s desire is to reach the place like Christ where he simply expressed his heart’s struggle and then moved into the Father’s presence to receive encouragement. He had checked into the reality that God is supreme and never fails His people or reneges on His word. His word never fails and it achieves all its purposes. How did he get there? He was connected with His father. He had faith.

Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God, (Rom 10:17). Oh how I need to spend more time in the word and hearing and my faith will grow continually. Are you with me? Do we need to talk together? Let’s commit to this consistent walk of faith and find the peace that comes from being connected to the King of all creation and the Lover of our souls.