Plugged into power

When was the last time you spent time in a quiet place thinking back at your life? When was the last time you were thankful for what is going on around you? I must admit I haven’t done enough of this and when I have; there has been too much pressure for me to see all the good.

 I have a couple of friends who make me happy when you listen to them. The both love nature and see such wonderful things all around them. The clouds, the birds, the sunrise, and the sunset even a growing plant will speak to them. There is a sense of freedom and joy that they have because of the balance being able to stop look and see gives.

 We become what we focus on whether good or bad and this is the thought that has woken me up this morning.

 What is your focus? What are you spending most time thinking about? Do you actually get to think or do you just glide through life? Nothing is impossible with God but we just need to connect directly to his power and will and then the room around us will light up.

 Walk with me as we all find our connection, one person at a time to the greatest power source in the world.

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