Christ who was God in every aspect rested when he was tired, so why shouldn’t we? I think if we are forever tired we are less effective in everything and we make more mistakes that we need to fix, when we are still tired. – JT

Mmmh…this was said to me when I mentioned to a friend that I was feeling tired but still had quite some work to do. Then I began thinking…am I getting enough rest in my week? Do I sleep long enough and is it good sleep? When is the last time I woke up and felt fresh and ready to go, go, go? So my heart rested because I had been taking it easy and recovering from a particularly gruelling week.

This week was full of lessons and great depth and I found much learning was achieved in it. Yet if I just dash off into the next task I will be doing myself disservice because I will not have had time to savour and entrench the lessons learnt. I will therefore rest, relax and rejuvenate often so that I may always be at the very best I can be and bring honour and glory to Papa.

Take time to reflect on each week and be grateful for all the lessons then move forward with the confidence to apply every lesson.

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