The last week was a very hard one for our nation. We mourned the loss of dear people in different ways and have realised how short life can be. I watched the final mass Hon. Saitoti and from the tributes given I learnt a lot about him that I may never have known. It was interesting how speaker after speaker said the same thing in a different way, they said that he was a steadfast individual with a personal stand. He had a mind of his own and despite the way things played around him and he could be trusted to keep his word.


There were times when we did not like what he said or did but somehow from what I heard he was unmoved when he believed in something. He gave of himself selflessly to others and will be sorely be missed by many from all walks of life. The greatest sense of loss came from his family, his constituents and his community. I had never connected to the fact that he was so dearly loved and influential.


It makes me think about my life and how I live it. What do people know me for? Do I stand by what I believe in or do I change my stand to suit my current situation? Am I consistent and reliable with everyone I deal with? Will I stand up to be counted even when it is not the favourable decision? Am I the same person in public that I am in private?


There is no other way to make true impact on this planet. Stand firm with deep roots that you may be counted for what you believe. Life is about more than the stomach. We must commit to make an impact on this planet and make the days we live here worthwhile. The best way to live is to be open and honest and speak the truth in love. Then you will not have to remember what you told who or be caught in a bind. Consistency comes from a firm belief system and a deep commitment to that belief system.

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