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Monday 25.02.13


Regardless of your circumstances or the attacks that have caused you to feel insecure or unstable, I am still the Rock of your spiritual foundation, says the LordCome to Me in times of crisis and uncertainty, and I will establish you again in truth and wisdom.  

 1 Peter 5:10 But may the God of all grace, who called us to His eternal glory by Christ Jesus, after you have suffered a while, perfect, establish, strengthen, and settle you.

 What a reminder.

IMG_20130125_075533A couple of days ago I was at the bank when one of the customer care staff called me aside to let me know that one of them had passed away the night before. Her name is Susan and I realised in that moment that I have loved her as a sister for a while now yet never realised or said it. When I was tired of the bank and wanted to move because of bad experiences at my branch she convinced me not to and to give them one last chance. So I gave them one last chance and she made a world of difference. She found a way to open my account in the names I wanted despite repeated claims that it was not possible. She found ways to cool me down when I was mad at them yet never promised the impossible. When I was told she was gone I came face to face with my mortality once again.


You see, Susan is my age mate. She has a son about the same age as my son. She has a husband who loves her. She has family and friends who love her. There were tears in Lydia’s eyes when she told me about Susan’s passing. Her voice broke and she had to stop and take a breath before finishing the story. In that moment I realised that despite her sudden departure Susan is deeply loved. She will be dearly missed. Her absence will be closely felt. I must admit that someone will be hired to replace her. Someone will sit at her desk. However, I will always remember her smile, her warmth of heart, her genuine concern. In this day and age where many are too engrossed in work, she found time to get to know my whole family as we all bank there. She was concerned if my son’s birthday card did not get sent on time. She did more than just her job, she cared for us and her care kept us there and enabled her employer stay afloat. She played her part and so in her memory I will too.


That day has made me ask some really hard questions about my life; am I loved by anyone that deeply? Would my colleagues cry for me for more than being the provider for income? Will my clients miss me? How much longer do I have on this earth? Will I have lived to the fullest and had the greatest experience every by the time I leave this earth? Do I give my all with everyone I meet? Am I a positive influence on all I meet? Do I help everyone who comes my way? Do I share what I have selflessly? Am I living up to my calling and reaching the target God set out for me?


So I lived the day in a haze and went about the business of life wondering and pondering what my life has been about and what I continue to live for. I choose this day to live with a clear view of heaven and the reality that I am not here forever and have impact and a difference I need to make while I am here.


Join me to live our lives to the fullest expression of Papa and with the greatest joy, love and peace. Be a blessing and life changer everyday.


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